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Winx Club Quiz: What's Your Winx Outfit?

Winx fairies always need to be dressed for success, but there are a lot of different ways to look great! In fact, these girls have so many awesome outfits, it's hard to choose just one. Take this quiz to find out just which Winx outfit suits you best!

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  • Your specialist beau is taking you on a date! Where do you want to go?

  • You can't leave the house without...

  • When it comes to fairy-fashion, what rule do you live by?

  • When you're not fighting off the Trix and protecting the Magic Dimension, your hobbies include...

  • When you walk out of the house, people usually say...

  • For you, dressing to impress means...

  • How would you describe your style?

  • Stella needs whip you up a new outfit because you…

  • When you need to be disguised for a mission, the best place to be is...

  • Time for a girls' night out! How do you accessorize?

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