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Winx Club Quiz: Which Pillar Should You Protect?

The Pillars of the Infinite Ocean are what keep the Magic Dimension safe and steady. They act as important stabilizers for all the worlds and when their seals are removed, the Winx universe is in danger. Take this quiz to find out which Pillar of the Infinite Ocean YOU should protect!

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  • What's your greatest talent?

  • If you were in a circus, you would be the...

  • When Tritannus is after you, what do you do?

  • What is your role in the Magic Dimension?

  • Which Winx gal would you hang out with?

  • Your worst nightmare would be...

  • One of your favorite activities is...

  • People would describe you as...

  • You're on a fairy mission! Which job do you fill?

  • What's a flaw you have?

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