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Winx Club Quiz: Which Specialist Are You?

The Specialists are great guys to have around when you're in a jam, and the Winx girls can always rely on them to back them up. These dudes make great fighters and friends, and really help make the magic dimension a safer place. Each specialist is special in their own way, so take this quiz to find out which one you are!

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  • When you take a girl on a date, where do you usually go?

  • You're one weakness is that you're too...

  • When the Trix show up to cause some trouble, how do you stop 'em in their tracks?

  • When you're not training with Codatorta, you'll most likely be found...

  • You got in trouble at Red Fountain! What'd you do?

  • Your Winx gal called you over to help with an emergency! What's the matter?

  • If someone saw your room, they'd say...

  • When it's your gal's birthday, you always make sure to...

  • When your friends and teammates are in a jam, they can always rely on you to...

  • What's your strongest weapon?

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