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Winx Club Quiz: Who's Your Winx Pixie

Being bonded with a pixie is an important part of every fairy's life. Not only are they perfect for protecting the Magic Dimension, they also make great friends! If YOU were part of the Winx, which pixie would be your pal? Take this quiz to find out with one of these magical cuties is just right for you!

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  • Headmistress Faragonda scolded you for being late to class! What's your excuse?

  • When you're in a bind, you can always count on your pixie to...

  • It's time to go on an epic adventure to a distant land! What does your pixie say?

  • When you're not busy protecting the Magic Dimension, you're usually found...

  • After you're done with your fairy chores, what do you do to relax?

  • You failed your fairy exam! How do you cheer yourself up?

  • What should your pixie get you for your birthday?

  • What makes your pixie stand out from the crowd?

  • At parties, your pixie is...

  • Being fashionable means...

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