Quizzes | Which Fairy Wings Would You Have?

Which Fairy Wings Would You Have?

The Winx Club fairies are back! When the fairies receive a *super secret* new power, they gain three new sets of wings: Speedix, Zoomix, and Tracix! Which of these new fairy wings would YOU have? Take the quiz and find out!

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  • When you daydream, it's most often about:

    • The things you want to do that day
    • Going on vacation
    • Memories from the past
  • If you have a paper to write for class, you:

    • Get it done as fast as possible
    • Go to the library and do some research
    • Write a first draft, then proofread it later
  • If you had to do one of these, which would you choose?

    • Run a marathon
    • Run a bunch of annoying errands
    • Run into your crush
  • What animal would you like to be?

    • Jaguar
    • Hummingbird
    • Chameleon
  • Which activity would you most enjoy?

    • A game of tag
    • A scavenger hunt
    • Truth or dare
  • What's the best thing to say to a friend who's feeling down?

    • Everything will be okay soon, don't worry!
    • Is there anything I can get you?
    • Just think of a happy memory!
  • What sounds like the most fun?

    • Hanging out with your friends
    • Sight-seeing in a new city
    • Visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • What's your favorite type of movie?

    • Action
    • Sci-Fi
    • Documentary
  • Who is your favorite Winx fairy?

    • Stella
    • Tecna
    • Bloom
  • Which ability would you rather have?

    • Ability to freeze time
    • Ability to fly
    • Ability to time travel