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        Quizzes | What's Your Fairy Power?

        What's Your Fairy Power?

        Bloom, Stella, Flora, Aisha, Tecna, and Musa form the Winx club. And these six fairies are such enchanting experts, they practically rule the universe! But if you had to face the evil Trix like these Alfea fairies, what spellbinding skill would you use to defeat the dark side? Find out YOUR unique fairy power by taking this quiz now!

        Tags: winx club 

        • What's your grub of choice?

          • Hot wings
          • Sun-dried tomatoes
          • Salad
          • Watermelon
          • Freeze-dried ice cream
          • Beans - They're the musical fruit!
        • What is your biggest fear?

          • Evil witches
          • Missing out on the newest fashions
          • Being lost in the middle of a hot desert
          • Boys!
          • Being a bad friend
          • Getting bad grades
        • Your favorite class is...

          • English
          • Art
          • Botany
          • Oceanogrophy
          • Math
          • Gym
        • What is your dream adventure?

          • To visit an active volcano
          • To go to the moon
          • To explore a rainforest
          • To investigate the depths of the ocean
          • To examine an ancient tomb
          • To go backpacking around the world
        • Where is one place you want to travel to?

          • Hawaii
          • Africa
          • Brazil
          • Australia
          • China
          • Spain
        • If you could rule any planet, it would be...

          • Domino
          • Solaria
          • Linphea
          • Andros
          • Zenith
          • Melody
        • What's your special talent?

          • Fire-breathing
          • I'm a fashionista!
          • Tree climbing
          • I can hold my breath under water for a really long time!
          • I'm a computer whiz.
          • I'm an amazing singer.
        • On Saturdays you like to...

          • Read
          • Dance
          • Make potions
          • Play sports
          • Update my blog
          • Hang out with my bandmates
        • Your parents on earth miss you, what do you do?

          • Go home and visit them!
          • Call them
          • Send them flowers
          • Send them a card
          • Video-chat with them
          • Send them a song that reminds them of me
        • What is most important to you?

          • My family and my pet rabbit
          • My friends
          • World peace
          • The Winx Club
          • Believing in myself
          • Solving mysteries