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        Quizzes | Winx Quiz: Which Magical School Should You Attend?

        Winx Quiz: Which Magical School Should You Attend?

        Ever wonder where you'd fit into the magical realm? Well, now's your chance to find out! If you've always had a knack for magic, but just couldn't quite excel with spells, then it's time for some enchanting education. Brush of that fairy dust, and quiz it to find out which magical school YOU should attend!

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        • Your magical powers resemble that of a...

          • Fairy
          • Wizard
          • Witch
        • What's your favorite magical subject?

          • Metamorphosimbiosis
          • Dragonwrangling
          • Dark Arts
        • If you could pick your school colors, what would they be?

          • Pink and blue
          • Blue and yellow
          • Purple and green
        • How would you fight off your enemy?

          • I'd use some of my secret spells.
          • I'd use my natural strength. I don't even need magic!
          • I've got a lot of tricks up my sleeve...
        • If you could live anywhere, you'd live...

          • In a castle.
          • By the water.
          • In the clouds.
        • When you grow up, you want to be...

          • A queen.
          • An army officer.
          • Powerful.
        • It's vital that your school...

          • Has a great social scene
          • Is number one in sports
          • Is prestigious and difficult to enter
        • Which Winx character is most like you?

          • Bloom -- I'm optimistic!
          • Sky -- I'm athletic!
          • Icy -- I'm fearless!
        • You're very...

          • Curious
          • Brave
          • Bossy
        • Which yearbook superlative would you win?

          • Most Outgoing
          • Amazingly Athletic
          • Most Likely to Become President