Drake Bell | Josh Peck | Drake and Josh

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  • Drake Bell

    Drake and his TV namesake both play a mean guitar and can sing up a storm. But the resemblance between the actor/musician and the smooth-talking slacker on the sitcom stops there. "I'm much mellower, and I can't fib with a straight face like Drake Parker," says the Beatles buff whose past acting gigs include "The Amanda Show" and guest spots on "Seinfeld" and "Home Improvement." Drake also composed all of the music his character performs, including the "Drake & Josh" theme song. He has released two albums and a third is on the way. Drake was featured in "Superhero Movie" and can be heard in the upcoming animated film, "The Nutty Professor 2: Facing The Fear."

  • Josh Peck

    Josh will be the first to admit that he and his TV counterpart have a lot in common. "We're both great guys who are fun to be with... I like to think I'm less nerdy," says the show biz vet. Josh caught the acting bug at age 8. "I became enamored with performing when my mom took me to plays and comedy clubs on a regular basis," he says. Nicknamed Josh-man, the Scorpio likes playing chess and the piano. He also co-starred with Drake on "The Amanda Show" and made his feature film debut in the Nickelodeon comedy, "Snow Day." Josh voiced the character of Eddie the mischievous possum in the "Ice Age" movies and was recently featured in the movie, "Drillbit Taylor."

  • Miranda Cosgrove

    Miranda was 10 years old when she scored the role of Megan, Drake and Josh's sweet but scheming sister. Miranda says, "Megan drives them crazy with her pranks. She even drenches them from head to toe with paint!" Spotted by an agent at age three, singing and dancing around a restaurant table, Miranda has been featured on "Zoey 101" and "Unfabulous." Summer Hathaway, the overachieving manager of Jack Black's grade school rock band in "School of Rock" was her break out film role. A fan of fencing and cupcakes, Miranda now stars as Carly Shay in Nickelodeon's hit show, "iCarly." It is her voice (with Drake Bell's) in the show's theme song, "Leave It All To Me."

  • Jonathan Goldstein

    Jonathan, who plays Josh's father, Walter Nichols, waited tables for 10 years to help pay the bills between acting gigs. In a bizarre twist of fate, one of Jonathan's regular customers turned out to be "Drake and Josh" producer Dan Schneider, who didn't recognize his fave waiter on the audition tape. "After he picked me his wife Lisa looked at the tape and said, ‘Hey, isn't that our waiter, Jonathan?'" Goldstein said. Jonathan honed his acting skills at New York University and Northwestern University before landing a role on "All My Children" and heading for Hollywood. His TV credits include "The West Wing, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Once and Again."

  • Nancy Sullivan

    After honing her acting and singing skills at the University of Utah and in Off-Broadway productions, Nancy, whose role models include comedy queens Lucille Ball, Tracey Ullman and Carol Burnett, nabbed the role of co-host on The Game Show Network's "Game-TV." After playing the school teacher and the oblivious mom on "The Amanda Show," Nancy was delighted to have a hipper hairdo as Audrey Parker-Nichols, mother and step-mother to her "Amanda Show" castmates, Drake and Josh, respectively. She's also appeared on "Melrose Place," "Beverly Hills 90210," "JAG," "The Pretender" and the soap opera, "One Life to Live."