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  • Walter Nichols

    Josh's dad, Walter Nichols, just so happens to be marrying Drake and Megan's Mom. He's a super nice guy who tells a mean joke-or at least Josh thinks so. Drake and Megan, on the other hand, aren't exactly ROFL.

    JONATHAN GOLDSTEIN: Jonathan, who plays Josh's father, Walter Nichols, waited tables for 10 years to help pay the bills between acting gigs. In a bizarre twist of fate, one of Jonathan's regular customers turned out to be "Drake and Josh" producer Dan Schneider, who didn't recognize his fave waiter on the audition tape. "After he picked me his wife Lisa looked at the tape and said, ‘Hey, isn't that our waiter, Jonathan?'" Goldstein said. Jonathan honed his acting skills at New York University and Northwestern University before landing a role on "All My Children" and heading for Hollywood. His TV credits include "The West Wing, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Once and Again."

  • Megan Parker

    Megan gives new meaning to the word mischievous. She's a major practical joker and she'll stop at nothing to embarrass her brother (or anyone else). Drake is absolutely terrified of his 9-year-old sis, and is always suspicious of her plans. Deep down, Megan's just trying to figure out where she fits into her new family. Until then, expect piles of pranks from this one...

    MIRANDA COSGROVE: Miranda was 10 years old when she scored the role of Megan, Drake and Josh's sweet but scheming sister. Miranda says, "Megan drives them crazy with her pranks. She even drenches them from head to toe with paint!" Spotted by an agent at age three, singing and dancing around a restaurant table, Miranda has been featured on "Zoey 101" and "Unfabulous." Summer Hathaway, the overachieving manager of Jack Black's grade school rock band in "School of Rock" was her break out film role. A fan of fencing and cupcakes, Miranda now stars as Carly Shay in Nickelodeon's hit show, "iCarly." It is her voice (with Drake Bell's) in the show's theme song, "Leave It All To Me."

  • Josh Nichols

    Josh is a super-smart kid who's not exactly a risk taker. To say Josh lives life by obeying all the rules would definitely be an understatement. But since he's the total anti-troublemaker, adults think Josh is the greatest thing since the triple latte. He's sweet, respectful and very well mannered. In other words, not exactly in-crowd material.

    JOSH PECK: Josh will be the first to admit that he and his TV counterpart have a lot in common. "We're both great guys who are fun to be with... I like to think I'm less nerdy," says the show biz vet. Josh caught the acting bug at age 8. "I became enamored with performing when my mom took me to plays and comedy clubs on a regular basis," he says. Nicknamed Josh-man, the Scorpio likes playing chess and the piano. He also co-starred with Drake on "The Amanda Show" and made his feature film debut in the Nickelodeon comedy, "Snow Day." Josh voiced the character of Eddie the mischievous possum in the "Ice Age" movies and was recently featured in the movie, "Drillbit Taylor."

  • Jesse

    Jesse is the girl of Alex's dreams. Unfortunately she's also 23 and his baby-sitter. But that doesn't stop Alex - he's determined to make it work. Jesse is a gorgeous, sweet and popular young woman who gets asked out a lot...too much if you ask Alex, who's extremely jealous of the other men in Jesse's life, especially the Adorable Timmerman Brothers. But despite Jesse's active social life, she really cares for the boys, which makes her an excellent babysitter, and she's always there for Alex and Nat when they really need her.

    JESSE DRAPER: In real life, Jesse is the niece to series creator, Polly Draper. She graduated from UCLA's School of Theater, Film, and Television, and had TV roles in Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back, and American Dreams, as well as onstage in Caryl Churchill's Top Girls.

  • Dad

    Dad is a caring and loving, ah, well dad. But despite the best of intentions, he's a bit of a goof. A musician in his own right, Dad is always trying to get in on the action, and sometimes ends up embarrassing his more famous rock star sons with his accordion antics. Even though he's the parent, he's fairly clueless and pretty much lets the kids run the show…not that Nat and Alex really mind. Ultimately, they love their father, and along with Jesse, they're all one big happy family.

    MICHAEL WOLFF: Both the on and off screen Dad to Nat and Alex, and co-executive producer/music supervisor Michael has music in his blood. Born in New Orleans and raised in Memphis, he started playing classical piano at age eight. Michael has built an endless list of jazz credentials, playing with Sonny Rollins, Nancy Wilson, and many many others, as well as many of his own recordings, like Jumpstart, and 2AM. As a film and TV composer, his work can be heard on Dark Angel, Who's the Man, and The Tic Code. Michael received a 2007 BMI Cable Award for his work on The Naked Brothers Band. He's also the leader of Impure Thoughts, a jazz band.

  • Cooper

    Cooper is the band's manager and resident ''adult'' of the group. Always decked out in trendy glasses and a snazzy suit, he's every bit the professional, even when his mother makes him wear his dental headgear outside of the house. Cooper doesn't let his age get in the way of his career, whether it's representing the band in the cutthroat music business or producing their first feature film. Even though he doesn't play an instrument, Cooper is still a true member of the band and a great friend.

    COOPER PILLOT: Cooper debuted in an off-Broadway play with Polly Draper, Nat and Alex's mom. He also co-wrote The KidZone, a TV sports series for kids and parents, and as you might expect, he's a sports fan, especially basketball. Cooper also plays the saxophone and guitar.

  • Qaasim

    As the lead guitarist of the group, Qaasim is a natural on the instrument. His killer riffs shine through in many of the band's big hits. But his real talent lies in another area. Qaasim is the resident ladies man of the group. With his quick wit and smooth tongue, he can, and will, talk up any girl. Often, he serves as a sort of coach for the other boys in the band, giving them advice on how to get girls. Overall he's a brainy kid and a rockin' band mate.

    QAASIM MIDDLETON: Qaasim is a musical wild man. A virtuoso on guitar and drums, Qaasim can make music from anything, any time. He was featured in the HBO documentary The Music In Me, about child musical prodigies, and soon found himself on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. From there, his natural musical talent and comedy skills were a perfect fit for The Naked Brothers Band series.

  • Thomas

    Thomas is the band's cellist. Though his cello skills are respected he's equally well-known for his carefree attitude and affinity for hi-jinks. He likes to get everybody else riled up but he's also there with support for his friends whenever they need him. Along with his partners in crime, Qaasim and David, Thomas is usually up to some craziness, whether it be faking a shark attack or disguising himself as a grizzly bear. Overall he's a true rock star and a good friend.

    THOMAS BATUELLO: The adventurous Thomas is the cellist for The Naked Brothers Band. He's appeared at the Met in Madame Butterfly and has performed at Carnegie Hall. He loves playing basketball and videogames, and is endlessly curious about the peculiar things in life.

  • David

    Don't let the glasses fool you: David really knows how to rock. He's been playing keyboard since he and Nat first met in preschool and is one of the original members of the band. Quiet and reserved on the outside, David is really a prankster at heart. When he gets together with Qaasim and Thomas, watch out! They love their pranks and no one is exempt from them. You've been warned!

    DAVID LEVI: David thinks of his bandmates like family. He might seem a little more reserved than the other kids, but David has a quick wit, and plenty of experience in off-camera shenanigans. David loves music, and his idol is John Lennon, but he hopes to acting as a career. In the meantime, he loves sports, video games, drawing, and making people laugh.

  • Rosalina

    Rosalina is the band's bass player and the only girl in the group. Beautiful, intelligent, and sweet, Rosalina is fun-loving but mature and she's often the band's voice of reason. As for talent, she's got plenty. Able to play ten different instruments, she's known for her bass hooks but lately her violin skills have been getting lots of attention. All in all, she's a girl that rocks. And her boyfriend, Nat, isn't the only one noticing...

    ALLIE DEMACO: Allie DeMeco holds down the bass groove for the band. She made her TV debut on The Late Show with David Letterman, then appeared on One Life to Live, as well as appearing in a skit with Jack Black on Saturday Night Live. She also toured nationally with The King and I, in the role of Princess Yawolak, before landing on the The Naked Brothers Band. When not working, Allie runs track and competes in gymnastics.

  • Alex

    Alex is the band's free wheeling drummer and resident 'bad boy.' A promoter of do-rags, fake piercings, and stick-on tattoos, Alex is a fan of anything that involves rocking out, rebel-style...and that includes perfecting his kickflips and his 50-50s at the skate park. Though only 10 years old, cute, curly headed Alex still receives a fair amount of attention from the ladies. But much like his brother, Alex is a one woman man. Unfortunately for him, that woman is the boys' 23 year old babysitter, Jesse. Jesse thinks that Alex's infatuation is cute, but despite the drastic age difference, Alex is determined to make it work and won't let anyone get in the way….especially not former boy band The Adorable Timmerman Brothers.

    ALEX WOLFF: Alex started playing saxophone at the age of two, but within a couple of years, he found his way to the drums, and started playing with his older brother Nat. He also shows a talent for songwriting, penning several songs on The Naked Brothers Band albums. Alex appeared in Fall Out Boy's music video for "The Take Over, The Break's Over".

  • Nat

    The heart and soul of The Naked Brothers Band, Nat is the lead singer and the one who keeps the rest of the band in line, especially his younger brother, rebel drummer Alex Wolff. Also known as ''The Girl Magnet'', when the sweet, sensitive Nat's not writing the band's next hit he's fending off the female fans who mob him wherever he goes. But despite his fame Nat has managed to remain level-headed and down to earth….you might even say he's a little shy. Even though his power to attract girls is legendary he only has eyes for one: his band mate and girlfriend, Rosalina.

    NATT WOLFF: Nat brims with talent and energy far beyond his years. The lead singer/songwriter of The Naked Brothers Band wrote most of the songs on their albums, and plenty of other songs. His 9/11 tribute song Firefighters raised $46,000 for charity. Nat has performed off-Broadway, and in various comedy clubs and improv comedy festivals, as well as writing and directing his own short film, Don't Eat Off My Plate. He loves playing basketball, and is an expert on Beatles trivia.

  • Drake Parker

    Drake's a cool guy who's into having a good time, playing his guitar and hanging with the girls. He's not big on responsibility and he'd rather be doing anything than his homework-or work of any kind, for that matter. Did we mention that Drake's a big fan of the ladies?

    DRAKE BELL: Drake and his TV namesake both play a mean guitar and can sing up a storm. But the resemblance between the actor/musician and the smooth-talking slacker on the sitcom stops there. "I'm much mellower, and I can't fib with a straight face like Drake Parker," says the Beatles buff whose past acting gigs include "The Amanda Show" and guest spots on "Seinfeld" and "Home Improvement." Drake also composed all of the music his character performs, including the "Drake & Josh" theme song. He has released two albums and a third is on the way. Drake was featured in "Superhero Movie" and can be heard in the animated film, "The Nutty Professor 2: Facing The Fear."