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Iridium High Photos


The surprise light show was great and all, but there were definitely some fireworks between Maddie and Diego at the beach...

Do Over

EEK! Maddie's mother must've gotten a makeover from a vampire!

Soak It In

New lovebirds Jax and Emma enjoyed the sand, sea and sun at Katie's surprise beach birthday bash!


Daniel was quite popular with the ladies at the beach recently... a little TOO popular. It was almost like they were all under a spell!

Lookin' Goth

I'm all for self-expression, but Katie's new goth look is a little scary...

The Power of Glitter

Daniel and Jax got heated during rehearsals for the school play and needed a glitter shower to cool them off.

Hug It Out

Daniel wasn't happy when caught Emma and Jax in the middle of an embrace, even though HE broke up with her!

Getting to Know You

I heard that Jax and Emma were holed up inside of the principal's office during the big scary storm! Luckily they kept each other company...

The Birds Andi Bees

Andi was spotted spending a lot time with this strange parrot, calling it 'Emma'. I know she's her BFF, but she needs to get a grip!

Detention TIme

Principal Alonso got a face full of cafeteria food recently. Wonder who's to blame?

Wherefore Art Thou?

Daniel and Sophie have been cast as Romeo and Juliet in the school play! It's sure to be one of the weirdest love stories ever.

Winter Wonderland

You won't be believe this: It randomly started snowing INSIDE The Seven the other day! That hasn't happened since... ever!

Gooey Gift

Word on the street is Daniel got a goo shower as an anniversay gift from the T3. How sweet!

Don't Tell Daniel

Some who looks suspiciously similar to Emma was spied getting up close and personal with Jax at The Seven...

Food Fight

I heard Jax and Emma made a bit of a mess of things on the beach recently. Why weren't they in class??

Up All Night

Maddie's sleepover did NOT go smoothly. She did, however, have lots of smoothies.

Tread Lightly

I caught Jax and Emma getting nice and cozy after the Sharks' win against the Dolphins. Guess there ARE a lot of fish in the sea...


Jax laughed on as Daniel took the heat from Principal Alonso for knocking over the school's trophy case.

Bad Hair Day

Looks like someone went a little overboard on the hairspray. Less is more, Sophie!

Guten Tag

I found Daniel acting strange at The Seven, he pretended to have a German accent! It was UBER weird.

Work Out

Meet your new gym teacher, students of Iridium High! Let's just hope she offers extra credit...

Trout and About

Something is fishy about the new kid in school, Jax Novoa... then again, it could just be the fish!

Odd Couple

Diego and Maddie have gotten extra close recently... Guess they have a lot in common?


Word on the street is that Jax gave Daniel a swim for his money when he tried out for the Sharks!

Dr. Cruz

I caught Andi playing nurse! Trust me, you do NOT want her to take your temperature.


Maddie's mother was seen bringing a delicious-looking pie to Principal Alonso's house. What's THAT about?


I saw Emma walking out of the science lab covered head-to-toe in purple goop. Looks like she didn't do her chemistry homework!


Looks likes Emma and Andi said 'goodbye' to Nurse Lily in the halls... Wonder where she's going?

A Mystery

Apparently this guy is Andi's uncle Pete... or is he the new English teacher from England? Who knows!

Now Where Was I?

Miss Information here! I'm back with brand new headlines from Iridium High. I just spied these two doing what they do best: hanging out!

Stranger and Stranger...

Who are these odd characters roaming the halls? Seems like they came out of nowhere...

New Kid on the Block

Meet the Iridium High's newest heartthrob, Jax. I spied him canoodling with none other than Emma Alonso herself!

Brrreaking News

My brother Diego was spotted sporting these mittens recently. Can someone tell him we live in Miami??

Ani-MAZING Night!

Despite Iridium High's craziness, last year's school dance was a hit. This year, you can look forward to even MORE dances (and drama)!

Hairy Situation

I spotted Daniel under attack in the hallway! Sophie says she saw a squirrel on his head, but I think he just missed an eyebrow wax.

Hide and Go Seek!

What's Sophie doing in Diego's locker? He must have done something to catch her interest, though that's not very difficult...

Shark Song

There's definitely more to Daniel Miller than meets the eye. Aside from being a superstar athlete and all around cool guy, he's also a singer-songwriter!

Spike It!

Mac and his fellow Sharks put up a good fight on the beach today. But things soon took a turn for the weird, as always!

Panther Andi?

Woah! What's Iridium High's resident tomboy doing with the Panthers? Andi Cruz has been acting strange lately... stranger than normal, that is.

Little Present

The terrible three dropped off a nice thank you gift on Emma's doorstep! Looks like these kids aren't so terrible after all, huh?

Iguana In Love

Betcha' never thought you'd see a Panther and an iguana getting along! Is this reptile a romantic, or has Maddie gone mad?

Need A Tissue?

Diego ended up in the nurses office thanks to a cold... inside his nose? You don't need to be a doctor to know that icicles don't belong up there.

Oatmeal Oops!

Looks like Maddie Van Pelt's breakfast didn't agree with her. She was spotted in the hallway covered head to high heel in oatmeal!


Mac caught a little chill in school and had to be swaddled. Good thing he had his best friend close by!


Feeling a little short on words, Daniel used a white board to communicate. Weird? Not for this school.

Best Fiends

Ever thought a girl could come between best pals Diego and Mac? Get this, they were seen fighting over none other than Katie Rice!


Who left their lunch tray in the freezer? This icy object was found lying on the cafeteria floor.

Magic Man

Check out Tony Myers' awesome poster for his magic show! Wonder if he'll actually manage to get that rabbit out of his hat this time?


Usually, he makes us ill with his illusions, but Tony Myers might have some magical tricks up his sleeve after all.

Sweet On You

Is that Katie Rice bringing a freshly baked (or bought) pie to Mac and Diego? Looks someone's got a sweet crush...


BFFs Emma and Andi were caught red handed after they left a huge mess in the nurse's office. No bandage could fix that!

Monkey Business

What's Emma doing with a monkey in school? Someone's taking their biology test a little too seriously...

It Takes Two

Is that Daniel and Emma doing the salsa together?? Careful guys, you never know when Maddie might show up!

Shall We?

Andi wanted to cut a rug too! But looks like Diego wasn’t super ready to be her partner.

Triple Threats

These Panthers rule the school, and Miss Maddie Van Pelt rules them all. What was she ordering Sophie and Katie to do this time?

Smoothie Queen

If you want to keep Maddie happy (you do), keep a smoothie nearby.

Unreasonable Rain

Anyone else catch that freak rainfall in the hallway? Wish I could say it was out of the ordinary for this school, but I'd be lying!

Distressed Daniel

Local dreamboat Daniel Miller also found himself in the middle of the storm. And although he's a Shark, he doesn't seem to like water very much!

Built For Two

How romantic! Looks like these two lovebirds got caught in the rain together. Too bad Maddie doesn't see it that way...

Scream Fest

I spotted these four having a mini freak out in the ladies' room. Have the pressures of high school become too much for these gals?

Toe-tally Too Small

Okay, is this a new fashion trend? 'Cause I spotted Katie of the Panthers rocking shoes two sizes too small.

Foot Fear

This school just keeps getting weirder and weirder! Word on the street is Katie had to wear clown shoes after her little 'growth spurt.'

Suspicious Science

What do we have here? These students seem a little too enthusiastic about chemistry.


Has Andi Cruz finally decided to pursue her dream of curing the common cold? ...Probably not.

Someone Is In Trouble

There was a major stinksplosion in the school and the Sharks were the last ones in the lab. Coincidence? I think not.

Smells Like Roses

Mac Davis got a big whiff of the smelly smoke and didn't even bat an eye. Guess his lack of showering is finally coming in handy!

How Rotten!

It was hours before the stench finally faded! Who would've thought air fresheners could also function as school supplies?


I spotted Emma Alonso fast asleep in the nurses office. Is this a serious case of brain freeze, or is something strange afoot?

Spaghetti Goof

Diego Rueda is known throughout school for his cleanliness but, judging from this photo, he's turned over a new leaf.