KCA Videos

  • Jack Black's Monster Entrance show

    Jack Black's Monster Entrance

    KCA 2011: Jack Black's Monster Entrance

    Host Jack Black crashes the Kids' Choice Awards in his slime-powered monster truck.

  • Heidi Klum Gets Creamed! show

    Heidi Klum Gets Creamed!

    KCA 2011: Heidi Klum Gets Creamed!

    The old jack in the box slime explosion trick catches a supermodel off guard.

  • Johnny Depp Wins show

    Johnny Depp Wins

    KCA 2011: Johnny Depp Wins!

    An old KCA favorite accepts the Blimp for his madman performance in Alice In Wonderland.

  • Oops I Did It Again! show

    Oops I Did It Again!

    KCA 2011: Oops I Did It Again!

    Clumsy Po goofs up again, but this time it's Britney Spears who takes the fall!