Nikko Alexander | Courtney Lane | Spectacular Characters

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  • Nikko Alexander

    Nikko is destined to be a rock star, but his road to fame hits a speed bump when he's kicked out of his band. After going solo, Nikko quickly realizes he'll need some serious cash to record his demo. Hoping to win some quick prize money, Nikko joins Spectacular, a down-on-its-luck show choir. But will Nikko's rock 'n roll tastes be too much for the cheesy show choir world?

  • Courtney Lane

    As Spectacular's leader, Courtney lives and breathes the world of show choir, and she's determined to finally win a championship with the group. When Spectacular loses its male lead singer, she recruits rocker Nikko to join the group with the promise of a share in their prize-winnings. But Courtney may have gotten more than she bargained for when she and Nikko can't stop fighting about which direction to take the group!

  • Tammi Dyson

    The leader of rival show choir, Ta-Da, Tammi is Courtney's sworn enemy. The rivalry started with years of competing against each other, and heated up big time when Tammi stole Courtney's boyfriend, the former Spectacular lead singer, Royce.

  • Royce Du Lac

    Countney's ex-boyfriend and the former Spectacular lead singer, Royce now dates Tammi and sings for Ta-Da. He's an amazing performer...and he knows it! Royce isn't exactly easy to be around anyway, but what will he do when he finds out he's been replaced by Nikko?