Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving Printables

Thanksgiving Games

  • Whale of a Sale

    Whale of a Sale

    There's a whale of a sale happening at the toy store! Help SpongeBob keep customers happy!

  • Banquet Bolt

    Banquet Bolt

    SpongeBob and Squidward are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at the Krusty Krab! Help SpongeBob serve all the anchovies in this new game!

  • Dinner Defenders

    Dinner Defenders

    It's up to SpongeBob and Gary to protect Mr. Krabs newest thanksgiving recipe - the Turkey Patty!

  • Quirky Turkey

    Quirky Turkey

    Patrick decided to dress up as a turkey and now SpongeBob thinks he's dinner! Try and escape SpongeBob in this new game!

Thanksgiving Videos

  • Thanksgiving with Spencer special

    Thanksgiving with Spencer


    iCarly: "Thanksgiving with Spencer"

    In preparation of your Thanksgiving cooking, do all you can to NOT act like Spencer!

  • The Turkey Who Came to Dinner: Story Time special

    The Turkey Who Came to Dinner: Story Time


    Rugrats: "The Turkey Who Came to Dinner: Story Time"

    Thanksgiving brought the family together, but who brought the mustard? Created by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo and Paul Germain

  • Thanksgiving Beenactment: Truly Thankful special

    Thanksgiving Beenactment: Truly Thankful


    The Mighty B!: "Thanksgiving Beenactment: Truly Thankful"

    At Thanksgiving, some people think about pilgrims. Other people hug a hairdryer.

  • Thanksgiving Beenactment: Mr. Turkey special

    Thanksgiving Beenactment: Mr. Turkey


    The Mighty B!: "Thanksgiving Beenactment: Mr. Turkey"

    Just in time for Thanksgiving, Mr. Turkey is getting a makeover.

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