Spectacular Movie on Nickelodeon | Nolan Gerard Funk | Victoria Justice | Tammin Sursok

Nikko (Nolan Gerard Funk) is the next rock superstar and he plans to conquer the world with his band, Alloy. Courtney's (Tammin Sursok) world revolves around her sequin-filled show choir, Spectacular. But when Alloy kicks Nikko out of the band and Spectacular loses their best male singer to a rival choir, Courtney convinces Nikko to join Spectacular. Will Nikko be the force that Spectacular needs to finally beat their rival choir, Ta-Da? Or will Nikko's rock edge be too much for the glittery world of show choirs? Get your jazz hands ready because this is going to be SPECTACULAR! Tune in to the Nickelodeon Original Movie coming in 2009!