Sanjay and Craig: The Frycade Tips

Holy Volcano wings! Head to the Frycade and play a total of 12 rad awesome mini-games. Party with the funky undead in Zombies in Da House; punch pedestrians in Road Pugilist, break all of the (traffic) rules in Driving Ms. Peach Tokyo Slide, and use your sweet moves to battle a wolf in Thumbs Up Karate. Peek at these tips and let the gaming marathon begin!

Play Now!

Is Mrs. Dot Chomper closing in fast? If your bomb meter is full, punch the spacebar, and you'll be able to bust through walls and escape to safety.

Can't remember the pattern in Do Your taxes? Don't fret -- hit the File button that pops up. It'll reset the pattern and give you extra points.

Keep an eye out for a whistle in Zombies in Da House. When it pops up, grab it! It will start pouring glowsticks, which looks awesome (and removes all of the zombies onscreen).

Rad awesome fact: If you click the joystick on the Do Your Taxes game, you can make it rain chicken wings in the Frycade.

Pick up the hammer and throw it over your shoulder to slow down the dino in Caveman Track & Field. The hammer will hit him in the nose and distract him -- giving you a chance to get away!