Super Brawl 3 Tips

Brawl is BACK with Buhduece and SwaySway from Breadwinners! Will these 2 booty bumpin' buddies deliver a bread bashing beat down (say that 5 times fast)? Play now to find out!

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Fun Fact: Sway Sway and Buhduece fight together, so even their attacks are EXTRA powerful! While SwaySway throws bread at your opponent, Buhduece chimes in with a sweet gut punch to finish him off.

Did you know that every character has their own super-powered attack?! Check out the training mode to learn which buttons to press to pull off sweet moves!

Psst…want a faster way to pull off a special attack? Press the C button. Try not to spam the special attack; it slows you down and leaves you wide open for a faster attack – OUCH!