SpongeBob SquarePants: The SquarePants Mysteries Tips

Direct Detective SpongeBob on stage as he solves mysteries in Bikini Bottom. Follow the clues and solve the puzzles quickly to win the audience over!

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The answer to these knock-knock jokes lies in the question! Study the words and look for clues that match one of the choices, and you've solved the riddle. Then, Plankton will let you pass.

Copy the bartender's moves to complete his secret 'handshake.' Perform moves out of order, and it's out the door you go! If you fail, you can always try again. Don't even try to memorize the moves, sneaky Larry changes it up every time!

Any time you throw something (be it trash or junk) use all of your strength. Click on the object, pull back to aim the white dots at your target, then let it fly! The audience's approval rating will skyrocket!