Rabbids Rhythm Tips

Windows down or freak the freak out! In this funky online music game, help the Rabbids keep the beat to their favorite Nick star songs while on a world tour. Choose a city tour or free play, and start dancing your booty off. If you love Ariana Grande or Victoria Justice, this game is perfect for your! Play Rabbids Invasion: Rabbids Rhythm and other free online games at Nick.com How To Play: Press 1, 2, 3 or 4 to make the Rabbids dance.

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Want to increase your score even more? Wait for the pink ring to turn green. If you get this timing down you'll get a PERFECT which earns you extra points.

Max your energy meter to call down a QUAD-RABBID COMBO! Hit all four beats at the same time for a huge bonus!

Ready to really make the crowd go wild? Make sure your energy meter is full – they’ll start cheering and the lights will go crazy! Better be careful though, or you’ll get booed and maybe even pushed off the stage!