Nick Soccer Stars Tips

Nick Soccer Stars is the craziest soccer game ever! Play as your favorite SpongeBob, Turtles, Breadwinners and Sanjay & Craig characters, and use a combo of killer kicks and special moves to score big and take out the opposing team. The crowd has got your back and will go wild every time you rack up points. Ready, set, goaaaaaaaal!

Play Now!

One easy way to improve your game? Play with a smaller character, like BuhDeuce from Breadwinners. Smaller soccer stars move faster and jump higher than bigger ones, which is better for beginners.

Click on the “Enter Code” button on the bottom of the game start screen. Then type in “takeiteasy” to unlock an extra special ball. See if you can be the first of your friends to find out what it does!

Not only is the Ice Cream Kitty Ball the cutest ball on the field, but it also bounces the highest! Meow you see it... meow you don't.

There's always a party when the Disco Ball is in play. This special soccer ball moves super fast and always travels with its own soundtrack.

Play as Sanjay and press the 'X' button to use his special move! Why? Just trust us on this one.