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Kids' Choice Sports 2016 was the craziest, sportiest, slimiest event of the summer!

Russell Wilson traded in his uniform for granny clothes, faced off with Gronk in the epic Smash Mountain, and, for the second year in a row, slimed it up as the MVH (Most Valuable Host).

Tony Hawk and Jagger Eaton competed in Human Bowling, adding another Extreme Sport to their resumes.

Emmanuel Sanders ate his way to victory, devouring a deliciously green key slime pie.

We had it all, from the amazing 50K Crossbar Challenge shot, to the crazy slimy KCS 500, to all of the incredible Mohawk Blimp winners, and so much more!

And to top it off, Kobe got the slime of a lifetime, winning the Legend Award!

Check out all of the best moments from the show here!