Top 10 Anti-Bullying Tips

1Learn About Bullying!All kids play rough or tease each other sometimes, but bullying is intended to hurt the person and often happens more than once.
2Walk Away!A bully wants to get a reaction from you by saying or doing hurtful things. Show them that you can be strong and walk away from a bad situation!
3Be Confident!Stand up against a bully with confidence! Don't let their bullying affect you, because they're just trying to hurt you.
4Tell An Adult!It is very important to tell an adult or someone you trust if you or a friend is being bullied. They can help you figure out what to do.
5Don't Bully Others!Sometimes, we can say or do things that hurt people. If this happens, try apologizing and make it right with the other person!
6Talk With Your Friends!Your friends can be a great support system! If you or a friend is being bullied, talk with them about how you're feeling.
7Be An Ally!Stand up for someone that you see being bullied and tell an adult about the problem.
8Be Cyber Smart!Bullying doesn't have to happen in person. Sometimes bullies will say hurtful things on the Internet. It's important to also learn about cyberbullying!
9Value Yourself!Bullying can make you feel bad, but remember you are great just the way you are!
10Be Involved!Join the fight against bullying at your school and help be a part of the solution!

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