Help People
Help Animals
Help The Planet

help others

help military families

Plan a Red, White and Blue Day at your school to support military families. For more ideas, visit

donate clothes or toys

Collect gently used toys and clothes. You can organize a collection at your school. Donate the items to a Salvation Army, local battered women's shelter, or homless shelter.

end the r-word

Work with Special Olympics to promote tolerance and respect with Spread the Word to End the R-Word. Hold an end the R-word pldege or rally event at your school. Visit for more information.

help feed people

Collect cans of food or other non-perishable items. Find a local soup kitchen to donate the food or even volunteer your time.

make play accessible!

Make play accessible for everyone! Plan a Worldwide Day of Play event like Unity Dance party, that is accessible for kids with disabilities.

become a mentor

Do you have a special skill? Maybe you excel at singing, reading, math, sports or something else. You can help others by mentoring a child to improve their skills in those areas too!

join girl up

Start a Girl Up Club to hlep change the lives of teen girls across the globe. Find four friends and ask an adult advisor to help out. Register your club at and read the starter guide to kick things off!

beautify your school

Make your school a better place by painting a mural or planting a garden. Rally together to make a difference!


Participate in a service project that combines your passions, interests, and hobbies while making a difference in your community. Find out what your area needs help with and get involved! Participate in Global Youth Service Day in April.

help yourself

plan for wwdop

Get Moving! Plan a local Worldwide Day of Play event! Visit to download a Playbook planning guide to register your event!

eat together

Challenge your family to eat together with the television off as often as you can. Ask you family memebers about their day or try to cook healtyh meal options together!

discover parks

Did you know American has nearly 400 National Parks to explore? Download the Parks for Play: 35 National Park Adventures for Kids of All Ages guide at You can also participate in a Junior Park Ranger program on your trip.

pala+ challenge

Participate in the PALA+ Challenge and be active for 60 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 6 out of 8 weeks. Also, you will set nutritional goals to help eat healthy foods.

be prepared

Discuss and organize your family's plan in case of an emergency. Talk about your plans for situations like fires, power outages, toranadoes and earthquakes. Assign meeting places and have your family sign off on the plan, then post it on the refrigerator.

get outdoors

Spend more time exploring the outdoor. Be a part of Outdoor Nation and participate in outdoor outings with local college students with the Campus Club Project. Find out more at

try a new activity

Try a new sport or activity like golf, ping-pong or lacrosse! First Tee has great ways to get you started.

visit the library

Research the closest library in your town or check out the library in your school. You can discover now books and music -- for free!

drink water

Drink water instead of soda or sugary drinks. Keep a plastic or reusable bottle so you can refill at water fountains. Eliminating soda means consuming 8,372 less teaspoons of added sugars in a year!

read for fun

Read at least 2 magazines or books a month outside of school. You can also do a book swap or start a book club with friends and family!

clean your teeth

Brush your teeth twice a day and floss every day. Remember, sugar can cause cavities and flossing is important to protect your teeth and gums.

be a good digital citizen

Remember to stay ALERT! Keep passwords safe, tell a trusted adult about uncomfortable situations, remember everything you do online lasts forever, protect your identity and show respect to others.

play sports

Get out and be active 60 minutes a day with NFL Play 60. Try playing a game of touch football with your friends!

show school spirit

Take pride in your school and show how much you love it! Plan a school spirit event like a dress up day or pep rally with the help of your school's administration.

help wildlife

save the manatees!

Everyone loves manatees. Join the Save the Manatees Club!

learn about animals!

Check out to learn about your favorite animals and do fun activities and games!

protect endangered species

Donate to National Wildlife Federation to support animals in need like seals, wolves and polar bears. "Adopt" a wildlife animal and help protect it here.

photograph animals

Enter National Wildlife Federation's photo contest

create a habitat

Animals everywhere are losing their homes. Visit the NWF Home for Wildlife website at to see how you can build a certified wildlife habitat. Decide where to build it, whether its in your yard, balcony or any other outdoor space. Ask for permission from an adult, then start building that habitat!

help pets

go orange for animals

Raise funds and awareness for the ASPCA and your local shelter during April Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month!

help a shelter

Find a local shelter and help fulfill their donation needs for food and blankets.

learn about helping pets

Visit for more information on Animal Welfare and find out how to get involved.

help outdoors

adopt a public space

Find a street, park or beach that needs to be cleaned up. Contact the authorities in charge and agree to clean it up every month as needed. Check out Keep America Beautiful to help locally.

keep america beautiful

plant a garden

Find a spot for the garden at home, at school or in a park. Make sure to ask an adult for permission. Gather seeds and gardening tools, then plant and water your garden! Visit for more ideas.

National Wildlife Federation

tour nature

Check out for geocaching trails in your community. You can also plan an outdoor adventure as part of NWF's Great American Backyard Campout.

plant a tree

Plant a tree at your school, town or home. Trees produce oxygen, protect castlines, and provide home and food for wildlife. For activities and ordering visit

National Resources Defense Council

help indoors

switch bulbs

Go with a parent to buy a CFL bulb. Turn off the lights at home and have an adult install the new bulb. Turn the light back on and start saving energy AND money! Check out NRDC's Simple Steps for more ways to help.

save water

Turn the water off while brushing your teeth and take shorter showers! For more information check out NEEF's Be Waterwise.

power down

Turn off all of the electricity when you leave a room. You should even unplug your cords when they are not in use.

reuse bags

Use a reusable plastic or cloth bag when you go to the mall, supermarket, or even for your lunch!


Recycle cans and other items so they don't end up in the ocean or a landfill. Learn more with NWF's Ranger Rick at

travel smarter

Walk, bike, skip or scooter to school! Encourage your friends and family to do the same whenever they go. Check out Safe Routes to School for more ideas!

learn green science

challenge yourself to learn more about enviromental science. Try researching key topics you are interested in like wildlife, solar power or weather. Also, celebrate NEEF's Environmental Education Week in April.