Here's How You Can Help

1TALK ABOUT IT!Chat with your parents about helping to feed people in your community.
2SAVE THE DATE!On May 11th, postal workers will also pick up grocery bags of food if you leave them on your doorstep!
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3TELL EVERYONE!Make and pass out flyers to friends and family. Tell them to mark their calendars for Stamp Out Hunger.
4LOOK IN YOUR PANTRY!Ask your parents if you can help clean out the pantry by donating a few items you may have already.
5HOLD A CONTEST!Talk to your school and challenge kids in your class to see who can collect the most cans of food!
6CALL THE FOOD BANK!Find out if they participate in Stamp Out Hunger! To find your local Food Bank, go to
7WORK WITH FRIENDS!Talk to your local church or synagogue and find out if they can help you promote Stamp Out Hunger!
8MAKE A DIFFERENCE!After the food drive, ask your family or a friend to continue volunteering with you.
9LEAD THE CHARGE!Sign-up to lead a food drive committee or volunteer with your friends!
10STAY INVOLVED!Big or small, EVERY action counts in the fight against hunger!

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