Weird Celebrity Kids' Names

Weird Celebrity Kids' Names

What do you think about weird celebrity kids' names? I think some of the names that celebrities give their kids are cool, some are just weird though. Earlier in the summer, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban had a baby girl that they named Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, so she’ll probly go by Sunday Urban. I’m not sure about that name. I just don’t know if i like “Sunday” for a first name. I guess it’s better than Saturday, if you had to pick a day I mean.

Demi Moore’s daughters are named Rumer, Scout and Talluleh. Rumer is just strange. I kind of like Scout and I really, really like Tallulah. I think it’s exotic sounding. She’s cute too.

I wasn’t sure if I liked Apple for a first name either (Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter’s name). But now I think it’s sweet. I guess it sort of grew on me. The one name I think is just silly is Tu Morrow (so her name is like “tomorrow”). She is the daughter of Rob Morrow who is the main actor on that show, “Numbers.” I mean, it’s just funny, it’s like a joke but it’s not a joke because it’s really this girl’s name!


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