iCarly Cast: Then & Now

iCarly Cast: Then & Now

We've come such a long way since the very first laugh-out-loud episode of iCarly. And so has the cast! Celebrate the upcoming series finale of this unforgettable show by seeing how the cast has transformed from then to now.

icarly then and now

Soon we'll be ringing in the fantastic finish to one of the most hilarious and entertaining shows on television...iCarly. And as we look back on all of our finest and funniest memories, we can't help but notice how far we've come! When the show first premiered in 2007, the residents of Bushwell Plaza were just tiny tots, hoping to change the world with their new wacky web show. Now, they're global superstars! Join us in celebrating how much Carly (Miranda Cosgrove), Freddie (Nathan Kress) and Sam (Jennette McCurdy) have grown since they first stepped on set of their silly show in Seattle.

icarly then and now

Miranda has totally transformed on screen from Spencer's adorable little sis to full-blown glamor gal.

icarly then and now

Even though Sam's always had enough 'tude to take on someone twice her age and stature, when she first showed up on iCarly she was pint-sized! But now, Jennette has grown into a gorgeous celebrity star (although, she's probably still capable of outwitting her elders).

icarly then and now

And Nathan did a good amount of evolving, too. Just look at those adorable baby cheeks!

We loved watching these nubs literally grow before our eyes! But we have a feeling that this transformation from Nick newbies to top-notch celebs is only the beginning...


hey i love sam & cat cat is my fav

They really did change a lot!!!! ;)

i like the new jennette

i love the pics


Nathan, and Miranda have transformed the most!!!!

all i can say is WOW

Jennete looks like a half adult!

i loved iCarly from then to now!

wow thier so young

i like them now

love the pic's sad its ending i cant say goodbye and ill never do it and never stop watching it and ill miss it so much

Still crying cause iCarly's coming to an end.

i loveesx babys

keep your trend everyone look like carly..lol

i love fredy

omg love it, it rocks i am more like sam

iCarly Rocks

I'll love iCarly forever and especially Miranda!!!

i love jennette

i love jennette

omg awesome they have changed so much

so funny

it is so sad ,why?

don't end icarly!!!! ;[

its so sad saying good bye

wow ill miss icarly it always made me laugh

i'm gonna miss the show :)

i loved icarly they should never end icarly


i cant believe how much they've changed thank you nickelodeon

love it"

OMG sam and freddy had changed so much over the years!But I cant still beleive icarly is going to end ;[

wow they look great now a little bit better than before




they look so cute

there fully grown and different



Icary rules

They all look amazing!!!!!! please do not end icarly it is the only show that i watch!!!! do not take it away from me!!!! :}

love them

I like your show icarly

All of them look better from before!

cool pics love them

im sad i dont want them to go

carly and sam look really good but freddie he needs some more work like his outfit and how he talks!

Carly and Sam are pretty... but Freddie is so cute......(Sam is definatly my fave) (:

cry there last episode

IKR they've changed a lot i like the new better

They have changed so much, LONG LIVE ICARLY!!! :)

WOW! they really changed in the past years

i like freddie and carly

carly looks so cool lol

there all great but i dont want it to end. I WANT MORE ICARLY!!!!!

sam has gotten mor girler then ever before!

sam you're my favorite

mostly Nathan changed

i like all of them.

i liked them befor they were more funny!

i love u

i like sam more than carly

wow jennette looks sooo grown up nathan looks buffer lol and icarly has grown to amazing style clothes


nathan is so pretty

carly looks so cute when she was small

i luv icarly.

i luv icarly.

freddie has grown sooo much:)

awesome i love icarly. i never want it to end. my sister and neighbor love it too!

nooooo dont end ;( freddy you're so awesome :D but carly and same are awesome too ^.^

Time flies fast when you're having fun!!!!!

u r the best Icarly


wow so dylish and diffrent

little and big .i can not wait until i am 12years old.

I am about to cry I am there biggest fan. I am going to miss ICARLY, and i really going to miss Nathan <3 < 3 <3

its already ending... but i haven't even watched "all" the icarly episodes yet

I am crying :( I love you Icarly

carly is cool so cool watching them grow

Aww they were soo cute before!!!

i can't believe icarly iss ending :( :( it was the best show ever :( :(

I prefer them now they're older...:P Freddy is so handsome!!!

I love Icarly

WOW!! It is like There not even the same person any more!! Freddie, or Nathan has really grown!! So has Sam, Jennette and Carly, Miranda!! WOW!!


They all look better now

i love these pics!

seeing the cast now is so great than before

They look so grown up Freddy was so short

I'm seriously gonna cry when it ends :'(

cool evolving

i hope when the show ends :(:( SEDDIE WILL PREVAIL!

How many years have they been doing this show! Looks like around 6!




they look alot better now!

Check back after the KCAs!