Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande Return As Sam and Cat!

Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande Return As Sam and Cat!

You may have just said "iGoodbye" to iCarly and Victorious may soon be ringing in its final episode. But it's not the end for Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine! Get the deets.

sam and cat

We knew that Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande have been spotted heading to the set together, filming a brand new pilot starring their classic Victorious and iCarly characters. But now it's official. Sam and Cat are back! The ham-gobbling wise-cracker Sam Puckett and the adorably spacey Cat Valentine are joining forces to bring us an all new reason to LOL...the new show, Sam & Cat!

sam and cat

In case you don't already know, here's the deets on the show. After becoming best buds and roomies, Sam and Cat start to realize that life isn't all fun and games. And there's one thing that's vital to supporting their sweet teen! So, in order to score dough (in a way that doesn't involve flipping burgers), the duo decides to start their own babysitting business! But is caring for feisty preschoolers as easy as it seems? We'll just have to watch to find out!

And we've got plenty of time to see how the story goes, 'cause the show has just been signed on for 20 new episodes! That's right, feel free to stand up high on your tippy-toes, flail your arms and shout out in celebration. We've already done our funky chicken victory shame.


Love the new episode!

u guys are awesome

Love it


yall are so cool

I cant wait. But why does it have to be in June!!!!!

cant wait gonna be super funny

i love ariana

When is it coming

cool can't wait

Ariana is beautiful

OMG! I am SO EXITED!!!!!

I can't WAIT for the show!!!

superz excited

this is great

I can't wait for the show

0MG can't wait

well dont just stand there air the show

i wish i can watch it now

OMG this is gona be the best show ever

i cant wait to watch it

Just waiting

I love Sam and Cat so I know this show is gonna be AWESOME!

wait icarly and victorious iparty and victorious and sam and cat are back!

I bet sam an cat Is going to be awesome

I am just like both I love to eat just like SAM and I am crazy like CAT !LOL!

Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy are both awesome! Can't wait for Sam and Cat

i think it will be funny.Sam&Cat

they making a show

OMG can't wait to find out what the show is about

sam and cat are so diferent

OMG Sam and Cat! What is it about!? I can't wait until Sam and Cat!

wow can not wait when does it come out



OMG! I cant wait!!! Cat's my fave on Victorious and Sam's my fave on iCarly!!!

i heard its coming out september 10

when is sam and cat the show comming on nick the day

I wonder when it airs

I love cat and sam

cool i love cat and i love sam so if you put them together they will be awesome


is jade gonna be in this

This sounds like its going to be awesome!

That sounds awesome

OMG when does it come on!!!!

when does it air?

yay sound awsome

play it it will be awesome

this sounds awesome!!

I love cat

i love sam and cat


i love sam and cat they are so funny

It's like Icarly and victorious mix and wala Sam and cat

Eek!! I wonder how it will turn out?

all I really want to know is when will the show start???

Omg I love both of them when does the show premier?

When does this show premiere? Hopefully soon:) <3



cant wait!

when is the show coming out

ariana grande is my idol and role model cant wait


i like nick

I can't WAIT!!!!

cant wait till it premieres!:)

already waiting to see it.

OMG sounds fun i'll have to see this show, wait this will be a real show right???

i cant wait

It is coming soon in the summer.

awesome right

i'm so watching it

Thanks Nick! It's gonna be hilarious!

OMG! This is gonna be awesome! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU NICK!

sam look pretty

om double g omg omg om triple g

Nick might premire it after the kid's choice awards!


cant wait for the show!!!

cant wait whoot whoot

really excited about the show!!

When tht wat i wanna know

OMG, how long do we have to wait!!! i already knew about it a week ago.

i'm excited for this new show!


cat is funny hahaha

i LOVE ariana grande soo much i have all of her pics and posters!!

i can't wait till SAM AND CAT come on nick! I am so happy that I can see them again!

It going to be awesome

sam and cat are so funny

i hope this show like icarly i like jennette

cant wait peeps

im want 2 see it !!

I want to see it so bad!!!!

Can't wait for it!

i <3 cats dress

so awesome I cant believe it


Check back after the KCAs!