Interview With Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson

Interview With Olympic Gymnast Shawn Johnson

Nick Magazine interviewed Shawn Johnson, a member of the 2008 U.S. Olympic Womenís Gymnastics Team, when she was in New York City earlier this year.

NICK MAGAZINE: Whatís a sport that you would never try?
SHAWN JOHNSON: Professional wrestling. I donít think Iíd ever try that.

NICK MAGAZINE: Whatís the hardest event for you?
SHAWN JOHNSON: Probably the bars.

NICK MAGAZINE: How do you relax at a big competition?
SHAWN JOHNSON: I just try to think of myself at home in my own gym, doing my normal routine.

NICK MAGAZINE: When youíre doing your routine, are you thinking while youíre moving, or do you kind of go into a trance and just do your moves?
SHAWN JOHNSON: I think more on some events than on others, but Iím definitely thinking about every little detail.

NICK MAGAZINE: Do you have any nicknames?
SHAWN JOHNSON: Quite a few. Peanut and Bubbly.


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