James + Kowalski = Brainy BFFs?

James + Kowalski = Brainy BFFs?

Everyone says that James Maslow is the pretty boy of the BTR group. But he idolizes one of the brainiest penguins around! Here's some penguin proof!

Heyyy, we thought Logan was supposed to be the BTR brain! But it looks like James Maslow's got more than dashing good looks; he's a brainiac too! Not only did he come in first place in celebrity BrainSurge, but one of his favorite Nick toons is the quick-witted penguin, Kowalski. And it's just because he's got the biggest brains of all the park penguins! Check out James chatting up his love for Kowalski in this Nicksclusive video!

Kowalski is one of our favorite brainiacs, too. But now we're definitely adding James Maslow to the list! Beauty and brains? What more could we ask for?


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