Style File: Tori Vega

Style File: Tori Vega

You've seen the rockin' red carpet styles of celebrity starlet, Victoria Justice. But her on-screen counterpart has a noteworthy wardrobe of her own. Check out the Style File of Hollywood Arts' own, Tori Vega!

victoria justice victorious

To look fab for the red carpet (echum, or the Orange Carpet), some celebs have teams of people working to get them paparazzi-ready. From personal stylists to makeup artists and hair gurus, getting glammed up can take lots of resources. Then there's stars like Victoria Justice, who could walk on the carpet in a tee shirt and jeans and basically own the night. But she's not the only one! Her on-screen high school counterpart, Tori Vega, has got a fashion sense that's comes pretty natural, too.

victoria justice victorious

But what happens when Tori gets thrown into a world where over-the-top makeovers are a must? Well, we're about to find out in an all new Victorious: "Tori Goes Platinum!" But we don't think Tori needs any primping and prodding to look flawless. We heart her just as she is, and we've got the pics to prove it! Here's Tori Vega's Style File to show that being fashionably fab doesn't always need a team of beauty experts.

victoria justice victorious

Tori took the Santa's little helper look and jazzed it up with some sparkles and trendy stockings in A Christmas Tori.

victoria justice victorious

In Freak the Freak Out, Tori sported a classy stage look by pairing a gold-trimmed top with a pair of stone wash jeans.

victoria justice victorious

She beautified this blouse with a little bow belt in Helen Back Again.

victoria justice victorious

Even Beck wanted to copy Tori's superstar style in Beck Falls for Tori.

victoria justice victorious

And putting together this bright layered look in April Fools Blank was a snap for this Hollywood Arts performer.

What do you think of Tori's greatest looks? How do you think she'll be transformed in the upcoming episode, "Tori Goes Platinum?" Well, one thing's for sure. She doesn't need a team to mold her wardrobe. She looks totally perfect just being herself.


I love the pink and purple one!

I love her sooo much omg

i love her clothes

i want to be her!

i know victoria justice

I'm your biggest fan

I luv Victoria Justice!

Love you

i love you i like your outfits

i wish i had her outfits

I love her outfits!

i love the outfits they are so cute

I love her she is so cool

beck and tori dressed the same so CRAZY




Love freak the freak out.Go Tori

tori is amazing <3 <3 <3 <3

beck and tori were so funny in those dresses lol!

she is the best

tori and beck i want u all to rock them dresses

wow she is my favorite ever jm

Tori is naturally pretty! she does not need makeup!


of course

i love her sooooo much she is cute...

I love her show


I love Victoria Justice!

love the dress!

i wish i have a beautiful voice like victoria. i aiways watch her episodes.

lol luv the dress beck luuv it lol

ha ha ha beck in a dress silly

i love all her outfits i wished i had them too!!

victoria justice looks better in that dress than beck

i love her

Tori is very stylish!!! *--*

i want to dress like victoria justice so bad!

i love her dress

i want to be her

omg beck looks EXACTLY like tori! i luv all her outfits

i want dress like victoria justice

I want to dress up like her!

I love all her looks I don't think there is anything she can't look good in:)

someday i want to be alot like victoria justice

i want 2 dress just like her

victoria looks cute in every pic but beck look weird in that look

My favorite star is victoria Justice

She is so cute

beck really looks like tori

hahaha thats funny:D

she is the best and hot

she looks really pretty

Luv her and her clothes, also pics

she is cool but i like jade better.


she is my rolemodel

love your show victorias


i luv her she is the best person in the world

i luv her

you are my favorite star

shes the best

Sweet pics!

so pretty i am going to 1 of her concerts

i wish i had cloths like her

so pretty

she is my favorite star

I love all of those pics^^

You look pretty in these pictures.

she looks nice

nice pics

this is my favorite star


you are cool

this is so cool

like it

i love victorias outfits except the first one



love it <3


love her

i want all of her clothes


love the christmas pic :)



love it

what the heck beck



lol wow so cool

nice pics

funny pics


super cute!!!!

I love all the shirts she wears!


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