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  • Lost At Sea

    All Grown Up: "Lost At Sea"

    Angelica endures some forced bonding with her mom!

  • Ladies Man

    All Grown Up: "Ladies Man"

    Dil & Susie play matchmater...for different couples!

  • Separate But Equal

    All Grown Up: "Separate But Equal"

    Phil is starting to see girls in a whole new light...

  • Wouldn't It Be Nice?

    All Grown Up: "Wouldn't It Be Nice?"

    Tommy, Phil & Lil skip school to go to a soccer game!

  • Rats Race

    All Grown Up: "Rats Race"

    It's boxcar racing time!

  • The Big Score

    All Grown Up: "The Big Score"

    Lil joins the soccer team and becomes an instant superstar!

  • Project Chuckie

    All Grown Up: "Project Chuckie"

    Angelica's determined to make Chuckie cool.

  • The Science Pair

    All Grown Up: "The Science Pair"

    Stu takes over Tommy's science fair project...

  • Izzy or Isn't He?

    All Grown Up: "Izzy or Isn't He?"

    Is Dil's alien friend real or imaginary?

  • Miss Nose it All

    All Grown Up: " Miss Nose it All"

    Angelica may be the world's worst candy-striper!

  • Memoirs of a Finster

    All Grown Up: "Memoirs of a Finster"

    A family tree projects leads Kimi to research her Japanese heritage.

  • Fools Rush In

    All Grown Up: "Fools Rush In"

    Can Dil save Tommy from Francine? And should he?

  • Bad Aptitude

    All Grown Up: "Bad Aptitude"

    The results of a Career Day aptitude test are in!

  • Runaround Susie

    All Grown Up: "Runaround Susie"

    Susie has two competitions on the same day!

  • Coupe Deville

    All Grown Up: "Coupe Deville"

    Lil's tired of being a "we" and wants to be a "me"!

  • Interview With a Campfire

    All Grown Up: "Interview With a Campfire" part 2

    Dil investigates some paranormal activity at Camp Everwood!

  • Interview With a Campfire

    All Grown Up: "Interview With a Campfire" part 1

    Is Camp Everwood haunted? Dil's determined to find out!

  • Tweenage Tycoons

    All Grown Up: "Tweenage Tycoons"

    The Sulky Boys are coming to town...and tickets are $100 apiece!

  • River Rats

    All Grown Up: "River 'Rats"

    Betty takes the 'Rats over some river rapids!

  • The Old & the Restless

    All Grown Up: "The Old & the Restless"

    Stu & Didi race Dil to the doctor for uncontrollable burps!

  • Tommy Foolery

    All Grown Up: "Tommy Foolery"

    April Fool's day is a big hit with the 'Rats!

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