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  • Big Time Live: Turn The Music Up

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Live: Turn The Music Up"

    The BTR boys perform live on a morning news show and act out a fake newscast.

  • Big Time Sneakers: Peanut Butter Solution

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Sneakers: Peanut Butter Solution"

    Kendall sabotages Jett and gets revenge with some help from a hungry llama.

  • Big Time Sneakers: Jo Loves Jett

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Sneakers: Jo Loves Jett"

    Kendall learns some shocking news about his girlfriend from the cover of a magazine.

  • Big Time Halloween: Ghost Jam

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Halloween: Ghost Jam"

    The Big Time Rush boys rock out on a big big big big big big Halloween night!

  • Big Time Halloween: Duh

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Halloween: Duh"

    Kendall reveals a big, scary Halloween secret to his totally unsurprised girlfriend.

  • Big Time Girlfriends: Gas Pass

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Girlfriends: Gas Pass"

    Carlos has fallen so deeply in love that not even farts can sway his feelings.

  • Big Time Fan: Heaven Sent

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Fan: Heaven Sent"

    Sometimes the one thing you're looking for just comes crashing through the ceiling.

  • Til I Forget About You: Music Video

    Big Time Rush: "Til I Forget About You" Music Video

    Check out the BTR video "Til I Forget About You!"

  • Big Time Fan: Dos And Don'ts

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Fan: Dos And Don'ts"

    After sorting through a sack of fan mail, the boys get a lesson on dealing with groupies.

  • Welcome Back Big Time: Big Time Press

    Big Time Rush: "Welcome Back Big Time: Big Time Press"

    The Big Time Rush boys check in from a few favorite spots on their first ever world tour!

  • Big Time Rush: Till I Forget About You

    Big Time Rush: Til I Forget About You

    Tune in Saturday September 25th at 8:30pm when Big Time Rush performs their newest song

  • Big Time Concert: Behind the Scenes

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Concert: Behind the Scenes"

    New York City goes crazy for Big Time Rush when the boys drop in to rock Times Square.

  • Big Time Concert: Separation Anxiety

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Concert: Separation Anxiety"

    When contract problems force Gustavo to take on other projects, he badly misses the guys.

  • Live from Times Square!

    Big Time Rush: "Live from Times Square!"

    This is your all-access pass to the ultimate concert event!

  • Big Time Concert: Big Times Square

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Concert: Big Times Square"

    When Gustavo announces their Big Time Tour, the boys dream of playing Times Square, NYC.

  • Playlist: Feel The Rush

    Playlist: Feel The Rush

    Get fired up on rock action in this new slew of unseen BTR clips!

  • The City is Ours: Music Video

    Big Time Rush: "The City is Ours: Music Video"

    Watch Big Time Rush's electric new video for "The City Is Ours," from start to finish.

  • Big Time Video: Brain Freeze!

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Video: Brain Freeze!"

    The boys overreact wildly when they learn one of their friends is leaving the Palm Woods.

  • 7 Secrets: King Kendall

    Big Time Rush: "7 Secrets: King Kendall"

    The BTR boys strap into go-karts and hit the road. Get close enough to eat their dust!

  • 7 Secrets: Learn About Logan

    Big Time Rush: "7 Secrets: Learn About Logan"

    Can you guess which of the BTR boys lives for extreme sports and all kinds of danger?

  • 7 Secrets: Carlos Uncovered

    Big Time Rush: "7 Secrets: Carlos Uncovered"

    Carlos tries to explain away his secret history as a ... wait for it ... cheerleader!

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