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  • Big Time Blogger: Get Shooting

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Blogger: Get Shooting"

    Things get wild when the guys record insane video diaries for their future fans.

  • Big Time Jobs: Mo' Money

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Jobs: Mo' Money"

    The band brings in some cash money.

  • Big Time Jobs: Evil Children

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Jobs: Evil Children"

    Kendall and Logan would love to rock your world, but they're tied up in a babysitting gig.

  • Big Time Jobs: You're Gonna Pay!

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Jobs: You're Gonna Pay!"

    The BTR boys accidentally trash a hotel lobby while competing for a giant trophy.

  • Halfway There Music Video

    Big Time Rush: "Halfway There"

    "We're halfway there! We're looking good now!" Sing along with the brand new BTR video.

  • Big Time Party: Foolin' With Food

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Party: Foolin' With Food"

    What's a Big Time Rush party without Big Time Rush?? The BTR boys crash their own fiesta.

  • Big Time Demos: Music Video

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Demos"

  • Big Time Demos: Stayin & Playin

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Demos: Stayin & Playin"

    L.A. is home sweet home. With a pool. Nice!

  • Big Time Demos: One and Only One

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Demos: One and Only One"

    One demo will be picked by Gustavo's boss. Will BTR triumph over the bloodsuckers?

  • Any Kind of Guy Music Video

    Big Time Rush: "Any Kind of Guy"

    Don't look away, BTR is here to stay and be any kind of guys you want.

  • BTR Cam: Boo!

    Big Time Rush: "BTR Cam: Boo!"

    Carlos brings some Big Time scare tactics to the set in this behind the scenes exclusive.

  • Big Time Photo Shoot: Fan Attack

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Photo Shoot: Fan Attack"

    Look out! Big Time Rush's photo shoot is foiled by a surprise stampede.

  • Big Time Photo Shoot: Poster Boys

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Photo Shoot: Poster Boys"

    The guys gotta cut the indoor hockey game short-it's Picture Day.

  • Webisode #2: Recording Studio

    Big Time Rush: "Webisode #2: Recording Studio"

    Goof off in the recording studio with big time clowns- Logan, Kendall, Carlos and James.

  • Webisode #1: BTR with Boys Like Girls

    Big Time Rush: "Webisode #1: BTR with Boys Like Girls"

    The BTR boys go backstage with Boys Like Girls to jam and swap embarrassing stories.

  • BTR Cam: Waiting On Kendall

    Big Time Rush: "BTR Cam: Waiting On Kendall"

    Logan and James rap about what Kendall might be doing.

  • Big Time Mansion

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Mansion"

    Gustavo has something he wants to say the guys, but it's not easy for him.

  • Big Time Mansion: Housesitting

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Mansion: Housesitting"

    Gustavo's off on a business trip, and the band wants to watch his crib while he's away.

  • BTR Cam: A Big Man

    Big Time Rush: "BTR Cam: A Big Man"

    James hangs with his gigantic co-star, and gets picked up like he weighs nothing.

  • Big Time Love Song: Balcony Battle

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Love Song: Balcony Battle"

    Logan, Carlos, and Kendall battle it out over a girl on the balcony, but never off key.

  • Big Time Love Song: Boys are Stupid

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Love Song: Boys are Stupid"

    The serenade doesn't work, but Rocque has a flash of brilliance, just before going down.

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


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