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  • Big Time Scandal

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Scandal"

    Lucy releases her album about being dumped by Kendall and it becomes a huge hit! James, desperate for attention, creates an internet rumor that he and Cher Lloyd are recording a duet.

  • Big Time Crib: Lame Livin

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Crib: Lame Livin"

    The band gets the rundown of rules for their new place.

  • Big Time Rush: Label Trouble

    Big Time Rush: Label Trouble

    The label wants to add another member to the band. Kendall has his own thoughts.

  • School of Rocque: Rough Audition

    Big Time Rush: "School of Rocque: Rough Audition"

    He doesn't really sing as well as the other guys in Big Time Rush, does he?

  • Big Time Audition: Such a Turd

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Audition: Such a Turd"

    Big Time Rush can make a song about anything sound good.

  • Big Time Audition

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Audition"

    Kendall drives a hard bargain with Rocque. Either bring his friends along, or no deal!

  • Big Time Audition Music Video: Skills

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Audition Music Video: Skills"

    The band's got moves now. Thanks to Big Time rehearsals in the studio and by the pool.

  • BTR Cam: Dr. Hollywood

    Big Time Rush: "BTR Cam: Dr. Hollywood"

    BTR rushes a hospital set. It looks like James needs immediate medical attention.

  • BTR Cam: Mimes

    Big Time Rush: "BTR Cam: Mimes"

    They can sing, dance, and act. Of course BTR make great mimes too!

  • BTR Cam: Mansion Madness

    Big Time Rush: "BTR Cam: Mansion Madness"

    A BTR shoot crashed a sweet mansion where the guys... get some sleep?

  • BTR Cam: Toss that Cam

    Big Time Rush: "BTR Cam: Toss that Cam"

    Kendall's camera takes flight. Logan and James are there for the catch.

  • School of Rocque: Hair Gel

    Big Time Rush: "School of Rocque: Hair Gel"

    What glamorous events does the future hold for the group? Hint: it rhymes with pool.

  • Big Time Music Video

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time"

    Hey hey, don't you feel the rush?

  • Target Acquired

    Big Time Movie: Target Acquired

    There's going to be some big time drama when spies are out to get the boys in London! Watch the full movie right here next Monday December 2!

  • Big Time Rush: "Caught by Cher"

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Scandal: Caught by Cher"

    James needs to come up with answers fast when Cher Lloyd is at his doorstep demanding answers!

  • Big Time Rush: "Spitball Fight"

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Invasion: Spitball Fight"

    The boys are in an epic spitball fight and its up to Carlos to save the day!

  • Big Time Rush: Fans Get Answers!

    Big Time Rush: Fans Get Answers!

    What does Kendall look for in a girl? Where does James surf? All those answers and more!

  • School of Rocque: Big Book

    Big Time Rush: "School of Rocque: Big Book"

    Gustavo thinks he's won, but he didn't count on BTR using his big book against him.

  • Big Time Audition: More Turd!

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Audition: More Turd!"

    The Turd song can break out anywhere, any time.

  • Big Time Audition: Gustavo Grief

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Audition: Gustavo Grief"

    Gustavo Rocque plays a nice song- Hey! What did he just say?!

  • Big Time Audition: Minnesota

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Audition: Minnesota"

    Can someone give these guys a ride?!

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