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  • Beautiful Christmas Music Video

    Big Time Rush: "Beautiful Christmas"

    Big Time Rush gives some meaning to the holiday season in this new music video!

  • Logan Walks the Line

    Logan Walks the Line

    Hey Mom, can you call back? I'm 300 feet in the air.

  • BTR "Like Nobody's Around"

    Big Time Rush: "Like Nobody's Around"

    Watch BTR dance through the ages for their timeless new hit "Like Nobody's Around."

  • Smellevate!


    Which BTR boy's to blame when a pleasant elevator ride goes big time sour?

  • Big Time Monster!

    Big Time Monster!

    We intterupt James Maslow to belch out a very important message from Kendell Schmidt!

  • Big Shout-Out to Sparky!

    Big Shout-Out to Sparky!

    Logan Henderson wants to give a really huge shout to his favorite Sparky! And his 2nd favorite, and his 3rd favorite...

  • Big Time Harmonies

    Big Time Harmonies

    The boys of Big Time Rush give us a special performance of their hit song "Nothing Even Matters."

  • Pranking Carlos!

    Behind the Scenes with Big Time Rush: Spaceship Scuffle

    Carlos wants to show us the set of a spaceship, but James and Logan just won't let him!



    Carlos and James take a quick dip in the ocean!

  • Kendall Pees!

    Kendall Pees!

    When nature calls, Kendall has to go!

  • Big Time Rush: "Carlos Without Corn Dogs"

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Rescue: Carlos Without Corn Dogs"

    Carlos is dropping old hobbies faster than a corn dog since he started dating Blonde Jennifer!

  • Big Time Rush: "Time of Our Life"

    Big Time Rush: "Time of Our Life"

    BTR had a blast at last year's Kid's Choice Awards! Watch their LIVE music video!

  • Big Time Rush: "Camp-Off"

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Camping: Camp-Off"

    The boys have a camp-off with the Jennifers!

  • Big Time Rush: "Record Hijinx"

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Gold: Record Hijinx"

    Gold record or not, James and Carlos are cart-wheeling their way to the top!

  • "Big Time Babysitting: Bird Trouble"

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Babysitting: Bird Trouble"

    Kendall juggles the job of caring for a washed out rockstar and his repairing his relationship with Jo.

  • Big Time Rush: No Idea

    Big Time Rush: "No Idea"

    The boys of Big Time Rush want to let you know that they're thinking of you with their music video - No Idea!

  • "Big Time Decision: Running Away"

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Decision: Running Away"

    Kendall has to sort through his feelings for Jo and Lucy.

  • "Big Time Surprise: Get a Date"

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Surprise: Get a Date"

    Kendall recalls all the times when the boys have ruined his chances of asking Lucy out.

  • Party All Night: Worldwide Performance

    Big Time Rush: "Party All Night: Worldwide Performance"

    BTR treats one very special Rusher to a personal version of "Worldwide"!

  • Party All Night: BTR Takes the Stage!

    Big Time Rush: "Party All Night: BTR Takes the Stage!"

    BTR hits the stage in a major way with their anthem "Party All Night"! Watch this amazing concert clip!

  • Big Time Merchandise: Catch Phrase Dolls

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Merchandise: Catch Phrase Dolls"

    When the boys get their own action figures, it's up to Kendall and Carlos to record some big time catch phrases!

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