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  • Playlist: Feel The Rush

    Playlist: Feel The Rush

    Get fired up on rock action in this new slew of unseen BTR clips!

  • The City is Ours: Music Video

    Big Time Rush: "The City is Ours: Music Video"

    Watch Big Time Rush's electric new video for "The City Is Ours," from start to finish.

  • Big Time Video: Brain Freeze!

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Video: Brain Freeze!"

    The boys overreact wildly when they learn one of their friends is leaving the Palm Woods.

  • 7 Secrets: King Kendall

    Big Time Rush: "7 Secrets: King Kendall"

    The BTR boys strap into go-karts and hit the road. Get close enough to eat their dust!

  • 7 Secrets: Learn About Logan

    Big Time Rush: "7 Secrets: Learn About Logan"

    Can you guess which of the BTR boys lives for extreme sports and all kinds of danger?

  • 7 Secrets: Carlos Uncovered

    Big Time Rush: "7 Secrets: Carlos Uncovered"

    Carlos tries to explain away his secret history as a ... wait for it ... cheerleader!

  • 7 Secrets: Jelly Belly James

    Big Time Rush: 7 Secrets: Jelly Belly James

    James wasn't always a big time stud. See how looked as a kid when his secrets are exposed!

  • Big Time Fever: Big Time Rut

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Fever: Big Time Rut"

    BTR's gone crazy from Hollywood fever. Can Kendall turn them back and save the band?

  • "Famous" Music Video

    Big Time Rush: "Famous"

    "Marry Me Carlos!" A sea of fans goes totally nuts when Times Square gets Big Time Rushed.

  • Big Time Fever: Adult Swim?

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Fever: Adult Swim?"

    The crazy Hollywood heat has Bitters acting like a brat and James looking like an orange!

  • Big Time Sparks: Oh Well

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Sparks: Oh Well"

    While trying to beat their bad luck, the boys accidentally push Jordin Sparks down a well.

  • Big Time Sparks: Make A Wish

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Sparks: Make A Wish"

    Moments after Carlos mentions her name, Jordin Sparks magically appears at the Palm Woods.

  • Big Time Dance: Stuck

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Dance: Stuck"

    Big Time Rush rock the school dance with an amazing live performance of "Stuck."

  • Big Time Dance: Wigging Out

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Dance: Wigging Out"

    Stephanie cuts through Carlos's goofy dating identity crisis by asking him to dance.

  • Making Of: Any Kind of Guy

    Big Time Rush: "Making Of: Any Kind of Guy"

    Go behind the scenes of BTR's "Any Kind Of Guy" video with Kendall, Logan, Carlos & James.

  • Big Time Dance: Party Planners

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Dance: Party Planners"

    When the BTR boys beg for a school dance, they get stuck planning the whole thing!

  • "Any Kind of Guy" Music Video

    Big Time Rush: "Any Kind of Guy"

    No matter what you're into, BTR have something for you in their "Any Kind Of Guy" video.

  • Big Time Terror: Sing-along

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Terror: Sing-along"

    Is it a ghost that ruins the kumbaya moment by the pool?

  • Big Time Blogger: Lucky Break

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Blogger: Lucky Break"

    It turns out that the fastest way to a rave review is locking the reviewer in a closet.

  • Big Time Blogger: Get Shooting

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Blogger: Get Shooting"

    Things get wild when the guys record insane video diaries for their future fans.

  • Big Time Jobs: Mo' Money

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Jobs: Mo' Money"

    The band brings in some cash money.

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