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  • Star Chat: Carlos Pena

    Star Chat: Carlos Pena

    Carlos Pena talks about the beginnings of BTR and how they got to where they are now.

  • We Are

    Big Time Rush: "We Are"

    Check out Big Time Rush's newest music video "We Are"!

  • Logan-Bombs

    Big Time Rush: Logan-Bombs

    Logan sees and hears all...

  • James' Wish

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Dreams: James' Wish"

    In order for James' wish to come true, the boys present to Austin Mahone a deal he cannot refuse!

  • Tween Choice Awards

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Dreams: Tween Choice Awards"

    Dreams do come true at the Tween Choice Awards!

  • Big Time Laughs

    Big Time Rush: Big Time Laughs Playlist

    Watch these lolsy BTR moments, right here!!

  • Splitting Up?

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Breakout: Splitting Up?"

    No one told the boys that they'd have to split up after their 3rd album!

  • Carlos Pena's Haunted Tour!

    The Haunted Hathaways: Carlos Pena's Haunted Tour!

    Carlos Pena goes on the set with the Haunted Hathaway cast and discovers secret staircases, fake cakes, and ghostly dancing.

  • Big Time Animated Adventure

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Animated Adventure"

    Don't miss out on the Boys newest adventure - an animated adventure on a mysterious island!

  • Dressing Room Drama

    Small Time Rush: "Dressing Room Drama"

    From Big Time Bikinis to Big Time Babies, BTR gets a whole new look!

  • Animation vs Video Game Nation?

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Cartoon: Animation vs Video Game Nation?"

    The Boys have to make a really hard life choice - to get their own videogame or their own cartoon? Which one will they choose?

  • Star Chat: Kendall Schmidt

    Star Chat: Kendall Schmidt

    Kendall reminisces about crazy fan experiences, dancing grandparents, and his first performance!

  • Kendall & James Take a Test!

    Big Time Rush: Kendall & James Take a Test!

    Do not, under any circumstance, EVER let Kendall borrow a pen.

  • Big Time Memories

    Carlos Cam: Big Time Memories

    From cavemen to ATV stunts, the BTR boys go through their favorite moments from filming Big Time Rush.

  • Positive Energy

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Tests: Positive Energy"

    Logan needs all the positive energy he can get before taking a really big test!

  • Logan Keeps On Singin'

    Big Time Rush: Logan Keeps On Singin'

    Uploaded straight from the BTR boys to you! James graces the piano while Logan sings a sweet melody.

  • Sydney-Raye K-9 Detective

    Carlos Cam: Sydney-Raye K-9 Detective

    When Sydney-Raye K-9 Detective isnt policing the streets she's grubbin' on treats!

  • Star Chat: James Maslow

    Star Chat: James Maslow

    James Maslow sings some Opera, talks life on the road, childhood friends, and snowboarding!

  • 24/Seven

    Big Time Rush: "24/Seven"

    Big Time Rush is feelin' it in the air and livin' life 24/Seven!

  • How To Be A Good Neighbor!

    How To Be A Good Neighbor!

    Our Nick Stars show by example, some tips on being a good neighbor!

  • Fan Mail

    Carlos Cam: Fan Mail

    Carlos loves fan mail so much he takes them everywhere, even in the bathtub!

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