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  • Sandpaper or Toilet Paper?

    James Maslow's Nugget of Wisdom: Sandpaper or Toilet Paper?

    James Maslow gives you important information to live by.

  • Big Time Director

    Carlos Cam: Big Time Director

    Carlos goes behind the camera to direct Victoria Justice and the BTR boys.

  • Confetti Falling

    Big Time Rush: "Confetti Falling"

    Music, love and confetti is in the air! Celebrate with the boys as they all fall down!

  • Yo Gabba Rush!

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Cameo: Yo Gabba Rush!"

    James and Logan strike up a deal with the Yo Gabba Gabba crew for some food!

  • Big Time Rush: "Taser Tots"

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Cameo: Taser Tots"

    The boys are "tased and confused" of being in Gustavo's cameos!

  • A Day with Los

    Carlos Cam: A Day with Los

    Ever wonder what Carlos Pena does on the daily? Today's your lucky day!

  • WARNING: No High-Fives Allowed!

    WARNING: No High-Fives Allowed!

    Careful guys! You've just entered the No High-Five Zone!

  • Picture This

    Big Time Rush: "Picture This"

    Enjoy some picture perfect fun time with Big Time Rush in this picture perfect music video!

  • The Boys Ham it Up!

    Carlos Cam: The Boys Ham it Up!

    Carlos lets us in on all the behind-the-scenes antics of the BTR boys' season 4 photo shoot!

  • BTR Takes a Leap!

    BTR Takes a Leap!

    Kendall and Logan are all set and ready to go skydiving! They just forgot one thing...

  • Big Time Rush: "Pool Intrusion"

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Lies: Pool Intrusion"

    Kendall recruits the boys to help spy for him!

  • A Guide to Yodeling

    A Guide to Yodeling

    BTR bandmate Logan Henderson delivers a step by step guide on when and how to yodel!

  • Slo Mo Moments

    Carlos Cam: Slo Mo Moments

    Carlos Pena gives us a behind-the-scenes peek at these big time slo mo moments!

  • James' Scandalous Plan

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Scandal: James' Scandalous Plan!"

    James and Katie 'photobomb' Cher Lloyd's recording session to make it look like something else!

  • Rice Krizzle Treats!

    Carlos Cam: Rice Krizzle Treats!

    Carlos Pena shares the super secret recipe for his all-time favorite snack!

  • Big Time Hedgehog

    Big Time Hedgehog

    Find out more about James Maslow's adorable childhood pet!

  • Fast Forward Carlos

    Fast Forward Carlos

    When conversation with Carlos gets a bit long-winded, Logan's got a fun new way to speed things up!

  • Hangliding in Rio

    Carlos Cam: Hangliding in Rio

    Watch Carlos and the BTR boys take a big time leap, three thousand feet in the air!

  • Big Time Klerg!

    Big Time Klerg!

    The boys of BTR demonstrate their top-notch Klerg impressions.

  • Star Chat: Logan Henderson

    Star Chat: Logan Henderson

    BTR's Logan Henderson takes a few minutes out of his busy schedule to chat about life on the road!

  • BTR Loves Cheese!

    BTR Loves Cheese!

    Mozzarella, Gouda, Limburger, Brie! BTR loves it all!

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