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  • Big Time Merchandise: Catch Phrase Dolls

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Merchandise: Catch Phrase Dolls"

    When the boys get their own action figures, it's up to Kendall and Carlos to record some big time catch phrases!

  • Big Time Double Date: Cover Girl

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Double Date: Cover Girl"

    Smooth jam to an acoustic version of Cover Girl with Big Time Rush and Camille!

  • Big Time Halloween Fun!

    Big Time Rush: Halloween Costume!

    Big Time Rush wants you to play along and guess who they'll be for Halloween!

  • Bel-Air Rush: Fanatic

    Big Time Rush: "Bel-Air Rush: Fanatic"

    Fame has BTR on the run, and a super fan holding baggies of their hair may make it impossible to escape.

  • Big Time Rush: "Windows Down"

    Big Time Rush: "Windows Down"

    It's summertime so rock out with Big Time Rush's new music video "Windows Down"!

  • Big Time Rush: A Pair of Boxer Shorts

    Big Time Rush: A Pair of Boxer Shorts

    Kendall and Carlos toss around the ol'...pair of boxer shorts? Anyways, tune in for Big Time Monday, Tonight at 7:30pm!

  • Big Time Returns: Rule of Dibs

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Returns: Rule of Dibs"

    James is forced explain the "Rule of Dibs" to Kendall, which may include running around in public with no pants.

  • Backstage Rush: Love Me, Love Me

    Big Time Rush: "Backstage Rush: Love Me, Love Me"

    The boys perform "Love Me, Love Me" and rock it Big Time!

  • Backstage Rush: Quick Change

    Big Time Rush: "Backstage Rush: Quick Change"

    The boys of BTR try to beat *NSYNC's quick change record!

  • Backstage Rush: Smuggling Case

    Big Time Rush: "Backstage Rush: Smuggling Case"

    A French inspector questions Carlos about the whereabouts of a certain cricket!

  • Big Time Rush: "Elevate"

    Big Time Rush: "Elevate"

    Watch the BTR boys rise above thousands adoring fans to their mega hit "Elevate"!

  • BTR: On the Road Playlist

    Big Time Rush: On the Road Playlist

    Watch the highlights of BTR's first summer tour ever and see how far they've come!

  • KCA: Big Time Rush is Nominated!

    KCA: Big Time Rush is Nominated!

    BTR has a special KCA message for all the Rushers out there!

  • Big Time Movie Premiere: Samantha Droke!

    Big Time Movie Premiere: Samantha Droke!

    You may recognize her from the internet sensation "Call Me Maybe", but tonight Samantha Droke is rocking the Orange Carpet in style!

  • Big Time Movie Premiere: Ciara Bravo

    Big Time Movie Premiere: Ciara Bravo

    Everybody's favorite little sister makes her glamorous debut on the Orange Carpet! Check out Ciara Bravo on the Orange Carpet!

  • One Direction: Serious Song

    One Direction: "Serious Song"

    One Direction shows they have a very, very serious side in this impromptu song.

  • One Direction is in the House!

    Big Time Movie Premiere: "One Direction is in the House!"

    Your favorite English lads hop the pond just in time for the Big Time Movie Premiere! Learn more about what's next for these guys!

  • BTR Takes the Orange Carpet!

    Big Time Movie Premiere: BTR Takes the Orange Carpet!

    It's official, the BTR guys are big time movie stars! Zach Sang caught up with them at the premiere of their movie in New York!

  • "Big Time Movie: Room Service"

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Movie: Room Service"

    The boys get more than they bargained for when they arrive at their hotel in London.

  • Top Secret Footage: "Music For The Movies"

    BTR: Top Secret Footage: "Music For The Movies"

    BTR ends their movie with a tribute to the biggest band in history - the Beatles!

  • Top Secret Footage: "The Perfect Disguise"

    BTR: Top Secret Footage: "The Perfect Disguise"

    You won't believe the disguises BTR uses to hide from the bad guys in their new movie.

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