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  • The Month of Love

    The Month of Love

    Love is in the air...or in some cases, maybe it isn't?

  • Anti-Valentines Part 2

    Haunted Hathaways: "Anti-Valentines Part 2"

    Valentines Day is about spreading the insults...right?

  • Anti-Valentines

    The Thundermans: "Anti-Valentines"

    These Nick stars are NOT about spreading the love this Valentines day!

  • Crush Confusions

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Crush Confusions"

    Crushes may be tough, but remember you can't spell crush without a little u.

  • Slingshot

    Jack Griffo: "Slingshot"

    Check out Jack Griffo's new hit single: Slingshot!

  • Hearts will be Bent

    Legend of Korra: "Hearts will be Bent"

    It takes more than a rose to steal the Avatar's heart. See which Nick bachelor will win in the stunning Season Finale.

  • First Day Jitters

    Every Witch Way: Discovery: "First Day Jitters"

    Daniel and Emma both have the more ways than one.

  • Belle Pepper is Dreamy

    Sanjay and Craig: "Belle Pepper is Dreamy"

    Sanjay's dreams are filled with bells and peppers.

  • Feel the Farts, Smell the Passion

    The Haunted Hathaways: "Feel the Farts, Smell the Passion"

    The Phantom Farter is at large, and no one is escaping without a whiff.

  • Hey April

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: "Hey April"

    Donnie's crush on April hits a high note!

  • Gnarly Mann Text Tips

    AwesomenessTV: "Gnarly Mann Text Tips"

    Get an adrenaline rush and overcoming your fear of talking to your crush!

  • Leon's Crush!

    Leon's Crush!

    Can you guess which celebrity Leon Thomas is totally crushin' on?

  • iGoodbye: A Final Smooch

    iCarly: "iGoodbye: A Final Smooch"

    The final iCarly web show is topped off with a major Creddie smooch!

  • "Big Time Decision: Running Away"

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Decision: Running Away"

    Kendall has to sort through his feelings for Jo and Lucy.

  • Crush Night: Celebrity Crushes

    Big Time Rush: "Crush Night: Celebrity Crushes"

    The BTR guys have a few celebrity crushes they would like to share with the world.

  • Big Time Break Up: Goodbye Kiss

    Big Time Rush: "Big Time Break Up: Goodbye Kiss"

    Kendall gets to the airport at the last possible minute to kiss Jo goodbye.

  • iOMG: The Big OMG Moment

    iCarly: "iOMG: The Big OMG Moment"

    Freddie encourages Sam to express her feelings and is left speechless by her response.

  • Love That Squid: Tongue Tied

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Love That Squid: Tongue Tied!"

    An attractive squid-lady with a big vocabulary leaves Squidward absolutely speechless!

  • House of Alarms: Dr. Love

    House of Anubis: "House of Alarms: Dr. Love"

    Jerome poisons innocent Alfie's head with more bad advice about how to win Amber's heart.

  • Truth or Square: Krusty Love

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Truth or Square: Krusty Love"

    SpongeBob sings a loving ode to his favorite place in the world and its famous patty.

  • Monkey Love

    The Penguins of Madagascar: "Monkey Love"

    Phil is smitten with Lulu, a visiting chimp.

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