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  • Blushing Maddie"

    Every Witch Way: Emma Wants a Cracker: "Blushing Maddie"

    Maddie is looking a little different these days and she is NOT happy!

  • The Breakup

    Every Witch Way: "The Breakup"

    Desdemona makes Gigi her personal minion. After their recent breakup, tensions run high between Daniel and Emma. The T3 decide to play a prank on Emma.

  • Missminion

    Every Witch Way: "Missminion"

    Daniel breaks up with Emma after finding out that she’s been hiding her powers from him. Gigi prepares for a groundbreaking newscast.

  • Chaning Emma

    Every Witch Way: Miss Information: "Changing Emma"

    Miss Information gets to the bottom of Emma's different looks.

  • The Emma Squad

    Every Witch Way: "The Emma Squad"

    Emma’s cloning spell wreaks havoc on her social life. Meanwhile, Maddie seeks out Lily for help in strengthening her powers.

  • Team Jax or Daniel?

    Every Witch Way: "Team Jax or Daniel?"

    Daniel and Jax don't have a lot in common, except a witch named Emma! Pick your team!

  • Double Trouble

    Every Witch Way: "Double Trouble"

    Emma is out of control after Jax teaches her a new cloning spell. Maddie and Diego look for an alternate way to get Maddie’s powers back.

  • Outta Hand

    Every Witch Way: "Outta Hand"

    Jax convinces Emma to skip school with him. Maddie finds out who stole her powers and Diego risks it all to help her get them back.

  • Secret Powers

    Every Witch Way: Outta Hand: "Secret Powers"

    Maddie's mom will use any spell she can to keep her secret from Maddie.

  • Every Witch Way: Miss Information: "Freaky Full Moon"

    That full moon sure does have things getting a little weird at Iridium High.

  • Magical Boys!

    Every Witch Way: "Boys of Every Witch Way"

    The boys of Every Witch Way are always stirring up the pot!

  • Daniel Who?

    Every Witch Way: "Daniel Who?"

    Emma and Jax accidentally wipe out Daniel’s entire memory after he spots Emma casting a spell. Diego tries to win Maddie’s forgiveness.

  • Stack 'N Sing

    Every Witch Way: "Stack 'N Sing"

    Paris and Zoey are just a cup-ple music makers!

  • Work Your Magic!

    Every Witch Way: Daniel Who?: "Work Your Magic!"

    No matter how hard she tries, Emma can't seem to avoid Jax!

  • Miss Information: Jax Everywhere

    Every Witch Way: Miss Information: "Jax Everywhere"

    Miss Information's got all the details on how Jax is taking over the halls of Iridium High.

  • Who is Jax?

    Every Witch Way: "Who is Jax?"

    Love him or hate him, Jax is the rebel wizard stirring up trouble at Irridium High this year!

  • Iridium High Tour

    Every Witch Way: "Iridium High Tour"

    Tons of magic happens in the halls of Iridium High, take a look for yourself!

  • Get Up to Speed!

    Every Witch Way: "Get Up to Speed!"

    The cast of Every Witch Way is getting fans up to speed for the new season, can you keep up?

  • Meet Jax!

    Every Witch Way: "Meet Jax!"

    Rahart Adams is Jax, the newest heartthrob on Every Witch Way!

  • Secrets from the Set!

    Every Witch Way: "Secrets from the Set!"

    The Every Witch Way cast is spilling some spell-binding secrets from the set.

  • New Season Sneak Peek!

    Every Witch Way: "New Season Sneak Peek!"

    Here's an exclusive first look at the new season of Every Witch Way!

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!