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  • Guide to Dating a Witch

    Every Witch Way: "Guide to Dating a Witch"

    Follow these simple steps to make dating a witch as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Magical Rap!

    Every Witch Way: "Magical Rap!"

    Watch these witches work their magic, if the spell goes wrong it might get tragic.

  • Never Before Scene

    Every Witch Way: "Never Before Scene"

    Check out some never before seen moments from the first season of Every Witch Way!

  • Pasta Prank!

    Every Witch Way: "Never Before Scene: Pasta Prank!"

    The T3 kids are masters at pranking, and they're serving this one up on a silver platter!

  • Witch One?

    Every Witch Way: "Witch One?"

    At Iridium High no decision is easy. See "witch" choices our favorite characters make!

  • Miss Information's Outtakes

    Every Witch Way: "Never Before Scene: Miss Information's Outtakes"

    Miss Information isn't always 'miss perfect'! Watch Gigi's never before seen moments!

  • Castmate Convo!

    Every Witch Way: "Interview a Friend"

    Every Witch Way besties take a moment to interview each other!

  • The Nighttime Rainbow

    Every Witch Way: "Never Before Scene: The Nighttime Rainbow"

    What's harder to find than a Nighttime Rainbow - this scene featuring Daniel and Emma. Watch Daniel try to recreate a magical phenomenon!

  • Back on Set

    Every Witch Way: "Back on Set"

    The cast is back on set and this season of Every Witch Way will be more wicked than ever!

  • Makeup & Wardrobe!

    Every Witch Way: Makeup & Wardrobe!

    Paris and Zoey team up to show us the magic of makeup and wardrobe!

  • Nick's Dressing Room

    Every Witch Way: Nick's Dressing Room

    Check out Nick's dressing room and see what he does for fun during filming!

  • We're Back on Set!

    Every Witch Way: "We're Back on Set!"

    The cast of Every Witch Way is back on set - let the magic begin!

  • Daniel and Emma's Love Story

    Every Witch Way: "Daniel and Emma's Love Story"

    Being with Emma is Daniel's witch come true, look back at their love story from the beginning!

  • Sing-Along!

    Every Witch Way: "Theme Song Sing-Along"

    Go Every Witch Way and sing along with the lyrics to the hit theme song!

  • Throw Your E.W.W. Hands Up!

    Every Witch Way: "Throw Your E.W.W. Hands Up!"

    Are your hands fast enough for the Every Witch Way cast!?

  • Miss Information's Post 11: Anime Dance and Shark Attack

    Every Witch Way: "Miss Information's Post 11: Anime Dance and Shark Attack"

    Miss Information gives you all the scoop on episodes "Which Witch is Which" and "The Chosen One."

  • Playing With Water

    Every Witch Way: "Playing With Water"

    The principal's office is a lot more fun when you have water balloons!

  • Frog Transformation

    Every Witch Way: "Frog Transformation"

    Diego's new hands are toadally awesome!

  • Miss Information's Post 10: Flus and Hexorens

    Every Witch Way: "Miss Information's Post 10: Flus and Hexorens"

    Miss Information makes sure you are all caught up on episodes "Witchee's Flu" and "Hexoren Squad."

  • Sophie Has Gone Mad

    Every Witch Way: "Sophie Has Gone Mad"

    If you see Sophie with her purse...RUN!!

  • Funny Looking Brother

    Every Witch Way: "Funny Looking Brother"

    Daniel's eyebrows look a little different than usual.

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!