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  • I Heart Beau

    Every Witch Way: "I Heart Beau"

    Maddie and the Panthers get to know Beau, the lizard-turned-boy, and Diego learns the origin of his powers.

  • Sophie's New Guy

    Every Witch Way: "Sophie's New Guy"

    Sophie has a new boy...or lizard in her life?

  • I-Guana You Back

    Every Witch Way: "I-Guana You Back"

    Maddie romances an iguana, believing that it is Daniel. She accidentally turns a chameleon into a boy trying to rescue him.

  • Love or Hate the Reptiles

    Every Witch Way: "Love or Hate the Reptiles"

    Daniel and Emma seem to have different feelings towards reptiles!

  • The 7 Disaster

    Every Witch Way: "The 7 Disaster"

    Things get a little out of hand at the 7!

  • Miss Information's Post 6: Colds and Oatmeal

    Every Witch Way: "Miss Information's Post 6: Colds and Oatmeal"

    Miss Information catches you up on all that happened in episodes "I Said, Upside Down," and "I-Guana Dance With You.

  • Oatmeal All Over

    Every Witch Way: "Oatmeal All Over"

    Maddie has some bittersweet feelings towards oatmeal!

  • Upside Down

    Every Witch Way: "Upside Down"

    Emma and Andi are on the verge of exposing magic when things go upside down!

  • Frozen Mac

    Every Witch Way: "Frozen Mac"

    Mac learns the hard way that one burp can freeze you!

  • Miss Information's Post 5: Monkey Business

    Every Witch Way: "Miss Information's Post 5: Monkey Business"

    Miss Information catches you up on all that happened in both parts of "Monkey Business."

  • Confused Between Thoughts

    Every Witch Way: "Confused Between Thoughts"

    Daniel is in a constant battle with his mind!

  • Signature Hand Shake

    Every Witch Way: "Signature Hand Shake"

    Daniel and Mac let you in on their super secret signature hand shake!

  • The Making of Monkey Lily

    Every Witch Way: "The Making of Monkey Lily"

    Nurse Lily is always monkeying around!

  • Miss Information's Post 4: Milkshakes and Nicki Minaj

    Every Witch Way: "Miss Information's Post 4: Milkshakes and Nicki Minaj"

    Miss Information has all the scoop on episodes "I'm a Witch," and "Magic Fight Club."

  • Flying with the Hexoren

    Every Witch Way: "Flying with the Hexoren"

    Emma and Andi get ready for a stunt that will send them flying!

  • Emma's Magical Transformation

    Every Witch Way: "Emma's Magical Transformation"

    Witches were meant to fly, hands up and touch the sky.

  • Ketchup Craziness

    Every Witch Way: "Ketchup Craziness"

    Would you like some ketchup with your Maddie?

  • Miss Information's Post 3: Frozen Solid

    Every Witch Way: "Miss Information's Post 3: Frozen Solid"

    Miss Information is here to catch you up on episodes "The Big Chill," and "I'm a Witch."

  • Miss Information's Post 2: The New Girl

    Every Witch Way: "Miss Information's Post 2: The New Girl"

    Miss Information gives you all the deets on episodes "Discovery," and "The Big Rescue."

  • Pillow Explosion

    Every Witch Way: "Pillow Explosion"

    Pillow fights can be fun, but what about pillow explosions?!

  • Frozen Emma

    Every Witch Way: "Frozen Emma"

    Maddie can be cold and this time Emma is paying for it!

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