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  • Pool Teleport

    Every Witch Way: "Pool Teleport"

    Sometimes the best spells land you in the pool!

  • Maddie Madness

    Every Witch Way: "Maddie Madness"

    You don't want to be around Maddie when she gets angry!

  • Nonstop Laughter

    Every Witch Way: "Nonstop Laughter"

    These girls can't keep their laughs in while filming the first episode of Every Witch Way!

  • Mud Fight

    Every Witch Way: "Mud Fight"

    The Terrible 3 get ready for the mud fight of all mud fights!

  • Miss Information's Post 1: Introductions

    Every Witch Way: "Miss Information's Post 1: Introductions"

    Miss Information gives you the scoop on the Iridium High students!

  • Every Witch Way: Starting January 1st!

    Every Witch Way: Starting January 1st!

    The magic of Every Witch Way begins January 1st, right here on Nick!

  • Spa Day Sleepover

    Every Witch Way: The Big Rescue: "Spa Day Sleepover"

    Usual sleepovers include magical hair brushes right?!

  • First Day Jitters

    Every Witch Way: Discovery: "First Day Jitters"

    Daniel and Emma both have the butterflies...in more ways than one.

  • Cheerleading Chaos

    Every Witch Way: Discovery: "Cheerleading Chaos"

    For Maddie, missing a spa treatment is more than a bummer - it's a natural disaster!

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