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  • For Emergencies Only

    Fairly OddParents: "For Emergencies Only"

    Timmy's worried that Poof has replaced him!

  • The Odd Squad

    Fairly OddParents: "The Odd Squad"

    Timmy turns Cosmo into a talking car!

  • Family Tree

    The Fairly OddParents: "Family Tree"

    When it comes to genes, it's all relative!

  • Baby Book

    The Fairly OddParents: "Baby Book"

    What was Cosmo like as a baby?

  • The Fairly Oddbaby

    Fairly OddParents: "The Fairly OddBaby"

    It's the first fairy baby in thousands of years!

  • Chip Off the Old Chip

    The Fairly OddParents: "Chip Off the Old Chip"

    To impress Trixie with his singing, Timmy switches voices with Chip Skylark.

  • Vicky Loses Her Icky

    The Fairly OddParents: "Vicky Loses Her Icky"

    Is Vicky's rage contagious??

  • Good Ol' Days

    The Fairly OddParents: "The Good Ol' Days"

    Timmy and Grandpappy spend the day in a 1930s cartoon!

  • Presto Change-o

    Fairly OddParents: "Presto Change-o"

    Timmy and Crocker change places and Crocker finally finds proof of fairies!

  • Timvisible

    Fairly OddParents: "Timvisible"

    To escape from Francis, Timmy wishes that he were invisible!

  • Secrets

    The Fairly OddParents: "Secrets Revealed"

    The 77 secrets of "The Fairly OddParents" are revealed!

  • Hail to the Chief

    The Fairly OddParents: "Hail to the Chief"

    Timmy learns that being Student Body President isn't all it's cracked up to be...

  • Secret Origin

    The Fairly OddParents: "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker"

    Every year on the same day, Mr. Crocker goes crazy and Timmy wants to know why...

  • Channel Chasers

    The Fairly OddParents: "Channel Chasers"

    Timmy wishes that he could travel through television!

  • Timmy the Barbarian

    The Fairly OddParents: "Timmy the Barbarian"

    Jorgen Von Strangle has a story to tell...

  • Substitute for Crazy

    The Fairly OddParents: "No Substitute for Crazy"

    With Crocker out sick, Timmy has the best substitute teacher ever...or so he thinks!

  • Hex Games

    The Fairly OddParents: "Hex Games"

    Timmy and Vicky face off in a battle to see who has the best skating skills!

  • The Boys in the Band

    The Fairly OddParents: "The Boys in the Band"

    Oh no! Vicky's kidnapped teen singing sensation, Chip Skylark!

  • The Big Superhero Wish

    The Fairly OddParents: "The Big Superhero Wish "

    Timmy wishes for more superheroes...but with superheroes come super villains!

  • Class Clown

    The Fairly OddParents: "Class Clown"

    To win over Trixie Tang, Timmy wishes he were the King of Comedy.

  • Odd Couple

    The Fairly OddParents: "Odd Couple"

    Timmy accidentally finds Vicky the man of her dreams.

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