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  • Dumbbell Curve: Summer School Scare

    Fairly OddParents: "Dumbbell Curve: Summer School Scare"

    Timmy will do everything he can to avoid summer school!

  • Fairly OddParents: "Dog Days"

    Fairly OddParents: "Turner & Pooch: Dog Days"

    Timmy and Sparky need to watch out! Crocker is on the loose and he might foil their fun times!

  • Future Lost

    The Fairly OddParents: "Future Lost"

    The robots are revolting!

  • Smart Attack

    The Fairly OddParents: "Smart Attack"

    Timmy wishes his dad was the smartest person in the world!

  • Operation Fun

    The Fairly OddParents: "Operation Fun"

    ATTENTION Cadets!

  • Oh Brother!

    The Fairly OddParents: "Oh Brother!"

    Timmy's wish for a perfect older brother puts his career as a kid in jeopardy!

  • Mooving Day

    The Fairly OddParents: "Mooving Day"

    Timmy wishes that his mom could sell any house.

  • Big Wanda

    The Fairly OddParents: "Big Wanda"

    Wanda makes over the mob with a penchant for pink and dolls!

  • Inside the Nicktoons Studio: How to Draw Cosmo

    Inside the Nicktoons Studio: "How to Draw Cosmo"

    Wish you could draw Cosmo? Learn from "The Fairly OddParents" creator himself!

  • Nega Timmy

    The Fairly OddParents: "Nega Timmy"

    Timmy's become a diabolical evil genius AND he has access to fairies...uh oh!

  • Boy Who Would Be Queen

    The Fairly OddParents: "The Boy Who Would Be Queen"

    Watch this Fairly Odd clip!

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