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  • Wishology: The Exciting Middle Part

    The Fairly OddParents: "Wishology: The Exciting Middle Part"

    Is the Darkness after the universe or just Timmy?

  • Wishology: The Big Beginning

    The Fairly OddParents: "Wishology: The Big Beginning"

    It's a trilogy of epic proportions but you'll have to start at the beginning!

  • Merry Wishmas: Not on the List

    The Fairly OddParents: "Merry Wishmas: Not on the List"

    A song about getting presents from Santa that aren't on the list!

  • Dread & Breakfast

    Fairly OddParents:"Dread & Breakfast"

    Crocker, Tootie & Dark Laser stay with Timmy!

  • 9 Lives

    Fairly OddParents:"9 Lives"

    Catman's almost out of lives!

  • Vicky Gets Fired

    The Fairly OddParents: "Vicky Gets Fired"

    The Turners finally fire Vicky!

  • Chindred Spirits

    The Fairly OddParents: "Chindred Spirits"

    Timmy wishes up a girlfriend for the Crimson Chin!

  • End of the Universe-ity

    The Fairly OddParents: "End of the Universe-ity"

    Timmy's won a scholarship but the school's run by the evil Dark Laser!

  • King Chang

    The Fairly OddParents: "King Chang"

    Mark Chang becomes king of Yugopotamia!

  • Mission: Responsible

    The Fairly OddParents: "Mission: Responsible"

    Timmy volunteers to babysit Poof!

  • Hair-i-cane

    The Fairly OddParents: "Hair-i-cane"

    Timmy's tired of the terrible haircuts his father gives him!

  • Remy Rides Again

    The Fairly OddParents: "Remy Rides Again"

    Remy returns to Dimmsale sans Fairy Godparent!

  • Timmy's 2D House of Horror

    The Fairly OddParents: "Timmy's 2D House of Horror"

    Vicky's house is mysterious destroyed by a lava flow!

  • Go Young, West Man!

    The Fairly OddParents: "Go Young, West Man!"

    Timmy's giving TV's Adam West the childhood he never had!

  • Odd Odd West

    The Fairly OddParents: "Odd, Odd West"

    Timmy travels back in time to the Old West to find the lost deed for Dimmsdale Flats!

  • Open Wide and Say Ahhh!

    The Fairly OddParents: "Open Wide and Say Ahhh!"

    Timmy's getting his tonsils out and, unfortunately, Vicki's his nurse!

  • OddPirates

    The Fairly OddParents: "OddPirates"

    Poof brings Timmy to an actual pirate ship instead of a Pirates' baseball game!

  • Super Poofer

    The Fairly OddParents: "Sooper Poofer"

    Poof's practicing shape shifting...unfortunately, he takes after Cosmo!

  • Wishing Well

    The Fairly OddParents: "Wishing Well"

    Timmy's in rehab for his addiction to wishing.

  • Which Witch Is Which?

    The Fairly OddParents: "Which Witch Is Which?"

    Timmy goes back in time to Colonial Dimmsdale!

  • Where's Wanda?

    The Fairly OddParents: "Where's Wanda?"

    Wanda's missing! But just who would kidnap her?

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