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  • Hard Copy

    The Fairly OddParents: "Hard Copy"

    Wanda drags Cosmo to the doctor and leaves Timmy with a wish-granting copy machine.

  • Grand Plan

    The Fairly OddParents: "The Grand Plan"

    Oh no! Cosmo's Figigly Gland has gone bad!

  • Escape Unwish Island

    The Fairly OddParents: "Escape From Unwish Island"

    When everyone Timmy cares about disappears, his unwishes are to blame!

  • Emmotion Commotion

    The Fairly OddParents: "Emotion Commotion"

    Tired of feeling embarrassed, Timmy wishes that he had no feelings at all!

  • Crime Wave

    The Fairly OddParents: "Crime Wave"

    Will Timmy get to his bath before Cincinnati becomes another Atlantis?

  • Blondas Have More Fun"

    The Fairly OddParents: "Blondas Have More Fun"

    Wanda and her famous sister, Blonda, switch lives!

  • Smarty Pants

    Fairly OddParents: "Smarty Pants"

    To pass Crocker's latest test, Timmy wishes that he knew everything.

  • Action Packed

    Fairly OddParents: "Action Packed"

    After a severe bout of boredom, Timmy wishes his life were more like an action movie.

  • You Doo

    The Fairly OddParents: "You Doo"

    Timmy wishes for "You Doo" dolls, which let him control everyone.

  • It's a Wishful Life

    The Fairly OddParents: "It's a Wishful Life"

    Feeling unappreciated, Timmy wishes that he had never been born.

  • Wish Fixers

    The Fairly OddParents: "Wish Fixers"

    Jorgen Von Strangle forces Timmy to learn about "responsible wishing."

  • Wanda's Day Off

    The Fairly OddParents: "Wanda's Day Off"

    Timmy wishes for Wanda to have a day off...but that leaves Cosmo in charge. Yikes!

  • Vicky Loses Her Icky

    The Fairly OddParents: "Vicky Loses Her Icky"

    When Timmy wishes that the bug up Vicky's butt would die, he unleashes a plague.

  • Switch Glitch

    The Fairly OddParents: "The Switch Glitch"

    To give Vicky a taste of her own medicine, Timmy wishes he was her babysitter.

  • Something's Fishy

    The Fairly OddParents: "Something's Fishy"

    Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda go on an undersea adventure to Atlantis.

  • Snow Bound

    The Fairly OddParents: "Snow Bound"

    After an unfortunate avalanche, Timmy and Vicky are trapped in a cave together!

  • Shiny Teeth

    The Fairly OddParents: "Shiny Teeth"

    When an evil dentist steals Chip Skylark's smile, it's up to Timmy to save the day.

  • School's Out!: The Musical

    The Fairly OddParents: "School's Out!: The Musical"

    School's out! Or so the kids thought...

  • Presto Change-o

    The Fairly OddParents: "Presto Change-O"

    When Timmy and Crocker switch bodies, it's a race to find the fairies first!

  • Power Pals

    The Fairly OddParents: "Power Pals"

    Timmy wishes that he had superheroes as BFFs!

  • Cosmo's Con

    The Fairly OddParents: "Cosmo's Con"

    Cosmo hosts the ultra secret Fairy Convention...from Timmy's bathroom.

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