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  • Family BrainSurge: "I Came All The Way Here For This?"

    Family BrainSurge: "I Came All The Way Here For This?"

    When Larry King gets knocked off his thrown in a celebrity brain battle, let's just say he's not too happy about it...

  • Family BrainSurge: "Knock Knock!"

    Family BrainSurge: "Knock Knock!"

    Knock knock! Who's there? Find out which celebrity pair makes the best mental match in this star-studded edition of Family BrainSurge!

  • Family BrainSurge 312: "The Birds and the Dogs"

    Family BrainSurge 312: "The Birds and the Dogs"

    Time flies, literally, when you're having fun on Family BrainSurge! See if you can get these questions right in the dog days of summer!

  • Family BrainSurge 333: Star Warts

    Family BrainSurge 333: Star Warts

    Who knew there were awkward facial blemishes in a galaxy far far away? The force is with these contestants as they try to remember all the details!

  • Family BrainSurge 306: "Origami"

    Family BrainSurge 306: "Origami!"

    When Jeff busts out his lightning fast origami skills you better watch closely or get ready to fold!

  • Family BrainSurge 307: "Perfect Match"

    Family BrainSurge 307: "Perfect Match"

    Can you match your skills to this game? Watch these families duke it out with their minds!

  • Family BrainSurge 316: "Success Squared"

    Family BrainSurge 316: "Success Squared"

    Don't be a square, just jump on one! The lights flash fast but you've got to be faster!

  • Family BrainSurge 307: "Mow Points"

    Family BrainSurge 307: "Mow Points"

    Who knew outdoor chores could be so much fun? Keep your eye on those blades and you'll be a cut above the rest!

  • Family BrainSurge 316: "Insecurity"

    Family BrainSurge 316: "Insecurity"

    Sutphen strips for security! Get your game face on and keep the skies safe!

  • Family BrainSurge 306: "Dad Doubled Over"

    Family BrainSurge 306: "Dad Doubled Over"

    Ouch! Dad deserves some silly stardom after getting that treatment! Can you keep track of the details with all this hilarity?

  • Best of the Brain Drain!

    BrainSurge: Best of the Brain Drain Playlist!

    From a giant foaming slide, to gallons of slime pouring down, NOBODY escapes the wrath of BrainSurge!

Jack & Patrick Smerge

Patrick and Jack Griffo: both stars, both studs, combine to make one handsome creature!


The battle is BACK and this time it's in Bikini Bottom!