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  • Look Closely...

    Rabbids Invasion: Find the Rabbid!

    Can you find the missing Rabbid? Make sure to look close, VERY close!

  • Prank Phone Call Master

    Sam & Cat: "Prank Phone Call Master"

    Get your inflated underpants today! One size fits all snakes, sponges, and ghosts!

  • Cat & Cat's Halloween!

    Sam & Cat: Cat & Cat's Halloween!

    You get double the trouble when Jennette decides to dress up as Ariana for Halloween this year.

  • A Very Haunted Halloween

    The Haunted Hathaways: "A Very Haunted Halloween"

    Lil P-nut and the rest of the cast show you how spooooky things can get behind the scenes of the Haunted Hathaways!

  • All Dolled Up

    Sam & Cat: #DollSitting: "All Dolled Up"

    Sam and Cat are all dolled up for Halloween, but Clarice doesn't even have to try.

  • Big Trouble In Tiny Town

    Deadtime Stories: Terror in Tiny Town: "Big Trouble In Tiny Town"

    Will Suzie Sparkle make it out of Tiny Town in one piece?

  • Tree Trunk Adventures

    Deadtime Stories: Revenge of the Goblins: "Tree Trunk Adventures"

    Even though it's 2013, there still isn't electricity in tree trunks...nuts right?

  • Accident Waiting to Happen

    Fairly OddParents: Scary Godcouple: "Accident Waiting to Happen"

    Foop might have another diaper accident when he finds out who his scary godchild is.

  • Monster Matinee

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Invasion of the Squirrelanoids: "Monster Matinee"

    It's fright night with the Turtles when mutagen lands on a cute squirrel!

  • Mighty Morphin' Pumpkin Carvers

    Power Rangers Megaforce: Raising Spirits: "Mighty Morphin' Pumpkin Carvers"

    When they're not fighting evil, the Rangers are busy carving pumpkins for Halloween!

  • A Rabbid Reaction

    Rabbids Invasion: "A Rabbid Reaction"

    The cast of Haunted Hathaways don't jump at the sight of ghosts, but a Rabbid is a different story.

  • Booger Scare Night

    Deadtime Stories: "The Witching Game: Booger Scare Night"

    Let's play a game that will scare the boogers out of you!

  • Power Rangers Super Samurai: "Monster Bash"

    Power Rangers Super Samurai: "Trickster Treat: Monster Bash"

    The Samurai Rangers fight their way through a Halloween Nighlok attack, but is it all an elaborate game set up by Trickster?

  • Kung Fu Panda: "Story Time"

    Kung Fu Panda: "The Po Who Cried Ghost: Story Time"

    It's scary story time for the Furious Five.

  • iCarly Gets Spooked!

    iCarly Gets Spooked!

    The iCarly crew list off the things their favorite things about Halloween.

  • Big Time Halloween Fun!

    Big Time Rush: Halloween Costume!

    Big Time Rush wants you to play along and guess who they'll be for Halloween!

  • Halfoween: Making a Holiday

    iCarly: "Halfoween: Making a Holiday"

    That's it - iCarly is declaring a second Halloween! Carve half a pumpkin and laugh at half a Gibby, it's Halfoween time!

  • Victorious: Happy Halloween from Hollywood Arts!

    Victorious: Happy Halloween from Hollywood Arts!

    It's Halloween, and Hollywood Arts never misses out on a chance to dress up and get weird! Here's a look at some of the spookiest moments to date!

  • Party Monsters: Nighlok Nostalgia

    Power Rangers Samurai: "Party Monsters: Nighlok Nostalgia"

    The Nighloks are having a Halloween Party and sharing stories of their defeat at the hands of the Samurai.

  • Ghoul Fools: So Not Scary Haunted House

    SpongeBob SquarePants: "Ghoul Fools: So Not Scary Haunted House"

    Patrick is not impressed by the scariest haunted house under the sea.

  • iParty with Victorious: Ariana and Victoria Get Spooked!

    iParty with Victorious: Ariana and Victoria Get Spooked!

    Watch Victoria Justice and Ariana Grande get seriously spooked on the set of "iParty with Victorious"!

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