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  • Ghostly Boundaries

    Haunted Hathaways: Haunted Interview: "Ghostly Boundaries

    Miles and Taylor have a showdown over a fistful of stickers.

  • Global Impact of Boy Bands

    Haunted Hathaways: Nick-pressions: "Global Impact of Boy Bands"

    Prez Curtis Harris wants you to know that there is more than just one direction!

  • Lil P-nut Push Up Champion!

    Lil P-nut Push Up Champion!

    Lil P-nut flexes some muscles on the Haunted Hathaways set!

  • Haunted Play

    Haunted Hathaways: "Haunted Play"

    Frankie fakes an injury to stay out of a play that Michelle is directing for school. Unfortunately, her plan backfires when Louie takes aher place and does so well that she is jealous and must fight to get her spot back.

  • Detective Dental Floss

    Haunted Hathaways: Haunted Play: "Detective Dental Floss"

    Meet Detective Dental Floss the #1 cavity cop on the force!

  • Lil P-nut and Breanna Dance Off!

    Lil P-nut and Breanna Dance Off!

    Who takes the throne in the ultimate teeny tiny dance off?

  • Do Not Silence Your Phone!

    Haunted Hathaways: "Really Terrible Advice: Do Not Silence Your Phone!"

    Who doesn't want to be that person with a ringing phone in the movie theater?

  • Lil P-nut Freestyle

    Lil P-nut Freestyle

    Lil P-nut busts out a quick freestyle while Breanna shows off some moves!

  • Staring Contest!

    Haunted Hathaways: Staring Contest with Curtis!

    It is said that Curtis Harris once won a staring contest that lasted three years. Good luck.

  • Clamby the Pet

    Haunted Hathaways: Haunted Dog: "Clamby the Pet"

    Frankie gets an electronic taco pet to prove to her mom that she is responsible enough for a real one!

  • Terrible Advice: To Brush or Not to Brush?

    Haunted Hathaways: "Terrible Advice: To Brush or Not to Brush?"

    Your dentist might say you should brush your teeth twice a day, but Curtis Harris sure thinks otherwise! Yellow, smelly teeth are all the rage...right?

  • Object Possession

    Haunted Hathaways: Haunted Doll: "Object Possession"

    Louie is always eager to learn new magic tricks, but is he ready to take over a cantaloupe?

  • Patrick's Quest for Food

    Spongebob Squarepants: "Patrick's Quest for Food"

    There's only one thing on Patrick's mind and that's nachos! A starfish has gotta eat right?

  • Nick Star Challenge

    Haunted Hathaways: Nick Star Challenge

    The cast of Haunted Hathaways are taking on bubbles, spoons and elbows in this edition of the Nick Star Challenge!

  • Teen Girl Drama

    Haunted Hathaways: Haunted Babysitter: "Teen Girl Drama"

    There's a new boy in school and Taylor's hoping that she can catch his attention!

  • The World's Longest Game of Catch!

    Haunted Hathaways: The World's Longest Game of Catch!

    Curtis and Lil P-nut play the world's longest game of catch!

  • Fart Guy to the Rescue!

    Superheroes That Don't Exist For a Reason: Fart Guy to the Rescue!

    When trouble is afart, there is only one crimefarter to call on: Fart Guy!

  • Haunted Volleyball

    Haunted Hathaways: "Haunted Volleyball"

    Frankie is not the best player on her school volleyball team, so Ray gives Frankie a one-time "boost," but when Frankie is left to rely on Louie's erratic abilities, she must find the inner confidence to step up on her own.

  • Louie's Greatest Ghost Fails

    The Haunted Hathaways: Louie's Greatest Ghost Fails

    When it comes to being a ghost Louie brings the scare - Louie-Style!

  • Burping Competition

    Haunted Hathaways: "Haunted Kids: Burping Competition"

    Any game is fair game for the competitive Prestons!

  • Would You Rather?

    Haunted Hathaways: Would You Rather?

    Flying farts, or invisible burps? Bull spit or Snail slime, find out what the cast of the Haunted Hathaways would rather do!

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